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Date: Thu Nov 02 2000 - 17:23:40 PST

1. Sri Ramanuja is supposed to have set up 74 matha's or simhasnapatis for the propagation of Srivaishnava philosophy .  Could anyone tell me where I can find the list of the above ? 

2.  Is there a comprehensive list of Sri Vaishnava temples of south India available ?
      with names addresses , state by state and district by district classifications with brief notes on the temples and how to get there ?
if not I wish some of the Sri V  organisations would collect such information perhaps from the HR & CE dept and publish it .
One Sri  SK . Ramachandra Rao has authored a book on the complete list of temples in karnataka , The book has been very useful to me in seeking out old Sri V 
temples and visiting them .In most of the the hoysala temples the beauty and grace of the moolavar capitvates me .

3. It also occured to me that considering that Sri Vaishnavas are a vanishing tribe some initiative could be taken to prepare a directory of Srivaishnavas .It appears to me that practising Sri Vaishnava's ( ie those who who follow at least minimum traditions at birth , Upanayanam , Marrirage etc plus minimum customs like vegetarianism and even simple puja ) 
are a reducing tribe and will reduce to a few tens of thousands in the next 30 years , considering the pace of emigration and loss of cultural identity within 2 generations and also westernisation of India . 
a directory may come in useful in many ways to keep a reducing community in touch with each other .


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