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Chatus Sloki

From: Praveena & Anand (
Date: Wed Nov 01 2000 - 05:52:28 PST

namO nArAyaNA.

adiyEn is posting the outline meaning of Chatusloki that adiyEn had edited
and typed from a book long back. adiyEn's apologies for not remember
the author's name.



All aspects emphasised with regard to the Supreme Lord are
relevantly applicable to Lakshmi also on an equal status
and this doctrine is stressed in Sri Chatus Sloki as follows:

1. In the First sloka starting with "Kantaste Purushotama" it is
emphasised that both the vibhutis Nithya and Leela - that is
the eternal world paramapada and the material world belong to
Lakshmi as well.

2. In the second sloka beginning with Yasyaaste - it is emphasised
that Lakshmi  is an embodiment of Supreme eminence, limitless and
above any contradictions by pramaanas(proofs).

3. In the third sloka beginning with "Eshat tvat karunA.." - it is
emphasised that all benefits including Moksha are to be obtained
through Lakshmi's abiding grace.

4. In the fourth sloka beginning with "Santaananda Maha Vibhuti"
- it is emphasised that the ubhaya vibhuti's (the two world eternal
and material), Divya vigraham  (Divine form), Divya avataaras (Divine
incarnations) attributed to Bhagavan are always in association with
Lakshmi inseperable and hence she is also the refuge to be sought after
and to be attained like Bhagavan. Thus the reason for Alavandar to
euologise Lakshmi first in this Chatus sloki even before praising the
Lord (in the Stotra Ratnam) is that she will act as Purushakaara
- that is mediatrix between us and the Lord and there by remove our
fears in approaching the Lord, because of our sins of various dimensions.
With this role of the mediatrix in mind, Alavandar praises Lakshmi, Lord's
'Patni' (consort) so that the Lord will be in a welcoming mood when

In Summary, Sri or Lakshmi is described as the Goddess of plenty,
prosperity, compassion and Supreme authority. All the other gods and
goddess are subordinate to her. She stays in Nithya-Vibhuti (Sri Vaikuntha)
 along with her Lord, Lord Vishnu. She is so great that even the Lord or
herself does not know her greatness in full. Without her grace, none can
aspire for any welfare either in this world or the other. Being an Acharya,
even liberation can be got only through Her grace.

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Dear Smt Praveena,

I know you had typed Chathusloki. Can you please send to bhakti list?
Narayana Narayana
adiyEn dAsan

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Dear Bhagavatottamas,


Can someone please  forward me the meaning of Chatusloki & Sristuthi.

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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