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Thirumangai Alwar

From: Bala Sundaram (
Date: Wed Nov 01 2000 - 02:13:17 PST

Respected Swamis:

I have heard a version of the end of Sri Thirumangai Alwar which I want to 

The version I heard says that the Alwar was murdered in fields near 
Thirukurunkudi. This unnatural end is said to be the punishment for the bad 
deeds that he had done, like robbery. is this correct?

The alwars are considered to be the avataras of Nityasuris. Therefore how 
Sri Thirumangai Alwar is said to have done bad things and therefore 

Kindly enlighten me. I apologise if I have done any abacharam.


D balasundaram Ramanuja Dasan
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