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thoo nilA muRRam - part 20 - bhAskara kshEthram

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Sun May 30 1999 - 12:40:50 PDT

thoo nilA muRRam - part 20  - bhAskara kshEthram

Dear bAgawathAs,

	Many years ago  there  was  a  riot in pAthALa lOkam. dEvas
prayed to Sriman  nArAyanA  to  rescue the  pAthALa  lOkam.  Sriman
nArAyanA deputed his most powerful weapon, Sri sudarshana  chakram.
Sri Sudarshana chakram went to the  pAthALa lOkam and conquered all
the asurAs and  came out successfully by piercing the earth in this
hOly city, near the kauveri banks and on the side of the  thiruvadi
of )Sri ArA amudhan (Sriman nArAyaNa) at thiru kudanthai. While Sri
sudarshana  chakra  AzhwAr  was victorious his "thEjas" was shining
more and more. Sri Sooryan was jealous  of this bright light and he
challenged Sri Sudarshana  AzhwAr. Sri  sooryan  started  to expand
into huge  explosions and was increasing his intensity of light ten
folded. However "Sri vishnu's ayudham", Sri Sudarshana  AzhwAr also
began to reveal his thEjas more and more.  After several years, the
sakthi if Sri Sooryan was exhausted and he could no  longer compete
with Sri Sudarshana AzhwAr.

	Sri  Sudarshana  AzhwAr  increased his  "thEjas" equivalent
to billion sooryans and this made the Sooryan  loose all his powers.
Sooryan was darkended.  Sri  Sooryan  sought the  advise  from  Sri
BrahmA. Sri BrahamA advised him that the kshEthram where he himself
did a yAgam  once  is thiru kudanthai. This place is very  desirous
for Sri Sudarshana AzwAr as he came  out  of this  place  after his
samhAram of all the asurAs in the pAdhALa lOkam. Hence  Sri sooryan
was asked to do goto Sriman nArAyanA and seek his blessings. Sriman
nArAyANA rightfully asked Sooryan to seek the forgiveness from  his
adiyAr himself directly and hence asked  Sooryan  to  do  a  severe
penance  in  this  place  itself  and  seek Sri Sudarshana AzhwAr's
blessings. ie., an apachAram done to a parama bagawathA  or  adiyAr
(ie.,  avan  adiyayai  sErnthavar  or  nAdinavar, known commonly as
prapannA) most often is relieved only by the blessings of the  same
adiyAr and even our  Lord somewhat  doesnot come in the way of this
process of redressal.

	As advised  by  Sriman  nArAyanA,  Sri  sooryan  did a very
severe penance here and sought the  blessings  from  Sri Sudarshana
AzhwAr.  After  several  years  Sri  Sudarshana  AzhwAr appeared in
front of Sooryan and asked as to what he wanted. Sri  Sooryan  fell
at the feet of Sri Sudarshana AzhwAr and sought forgiveness for his
apachAram and as well sought to regain  his  original  "OLi" or the
light. Sri Sudarshana AzwAr duly granted  these  wishes.  Hence Sri
Sooryan himself regained his "oLi"  and  swaroopam  here  in  thiru
kudanthai due to Sri chakarathAzwAr. Sri Sooryan pleaded to  Sriman
nArAyanA  for  another  boon.  This  time  he  was  seeking  Lord's
blessings such  that  everyone  must remember this episode and that
Sri Sooryan himself got his  sakthi  and oLi due to Sriman nArAyana
(it was only HIM who  directed Sooryan  Sri  Sudarshana  AzhwAr) in
this place. Hence this place be named after soorya thabas kshEthram
as "bhAskara kshEthram". bhAskaran is one of  the sanskrit name for
Sri Sooryan. Lord also granted this  boon.  From then on this place
is  known  as Sri bAskara kshEthram. The temple wherein Sri Sooryan
did prahthistA of Sri Sudarshan AzhwAr by his own hands  is  in the
brahma yAga boomi and as well as the place from where SriSudarshana
AzhwAr chose to came out victorious from the  pAthALa  lOkam.  This
temple is now known as Sri chakrapAni temple and is situated on the
side  Sri  ArA  amuthan's  thiruvadi  is  there.  This  episode  is
described in the following slokam from Sri kumbakona mahAthmiyam.

"ittham sthuthOdEVa dEvadEvO bhAskaraNE mahAthmaA
thatha: prasannO bagawAn chakra rupi janArthana:
sArngapAnE rabinnOsow sarva lOkaika mangaLa:
yath, thEjasAhrutham poorvam thath thasmai thatthavAn buna:
thatha: Evahi thath kshEthram bhAskara kshEthra muchyathE
		--- 61st chapter

Sri  kOmaLa  vaLLi  thAyAr  samEtha  Sri ArA amudhan  thiruvadikaLE
Sampath Rengarajan


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