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Alaghia Manavala Mamunighal - Part 8 [Concluded]

From: B. Narasimhan (
Date: Sun May 30 1999 - 20:53:17 PDT

Sri Mathe Ramanujaya Namah

Alaghia Manavala Mamunighal(Part 8)
(article by Sri V.V.Ramanujam, published in Sri Panchajanya

We conclude this series of Articles of Sri Manavala Mamunighal
contemplating a verse from his Arthiprabadham whe he gratefully
acknowledges that the merits he possessed were due to the grace
of Sri Ramanuja. A free  translation of the verse is :

We have been the blessed receptacle of the divine grace of Sri
Ranganatha !!
We have been blessed in having Sri Rangam for our residence !!
We have the works of Sri Satakopa as our most sustaining food !!
We have the path shown by Mathurakavi as our goal in life !!
We have fully absorbed the teachings of our Alwars and
And these we have for profession as well as hobby !!
Blessed with mind unswerving from these !!
Blessed are we with absolute freedom from malice or envy of

He was a shining example of how a true Vaishnava should be sattva
incarnate, an embodiment of devotion to the Lord and His