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From: Sadagopan (
Date: Fri May 28 1999 - 15:15:52 PDT

Dear SandhyA worshippers :

few days ago ,there was a question from
Sriman Sudarsan Parthasarathy ,If I remember right ,
on a manthram visualizing gayathri at MadhyAhnika 
sandhi as seated on Rishabha Vaahanam and of Rudra
Roopam . Here is  a clue as to where it might have come from . 

>  As you know, smArta-s have most of their sandhya guidelines 
>from devi bhAgavatham.  I read in book (published by LIFCO) 
>that even shrIvaishnavas refer to it. Is it so? 

Devi Bhagavtham is a huge book and covers a lot of 
ground including incidents referred to in the other purAnams.
It glorifies DEvi (Sri LalithA ParamEsvari in
Her many forms ) as the Supreme deity .

Sri VaishNavAs are not very familar with it and 
do not make use of it as a source grantham for their needs.