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From: V.Srimahavishnu (
Date: Thu May 27 1999 - 23:27:42 PDT

       Dear BhAgavatas,
         Thanks to Sri Krishna Kalale for his clarification about the
SlOka "SuklAmbaradharam...".I have a small doubt. This SlOka is always
succeeded by "yasya dvirada vaktrAdyAh..", either before VSN pArAyaNam or
in VishvaksEna pUjA at the beginning of SV rituals. I have never seen it
being recited as a dhyAna SlOka on VishNu without being succeeded by the
second verse. So is it addressing VishNu as as antaryAmI of VishvaksEna?
Please clarify. 

   One more doubt is regarding the panchasUktas.Any PanchasUkta cassette
has in fact six sUktas (purusha,nArAyaNa,vishNu,SrI,bhU,nIlA) and all
these six are chanted in temple rituals also (if I am right). So what are
the "panchasUkta"s out of these six? Also each of these six sUktas is from
which vEdam?