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On DD kshEthrAdanam

From: Dr. S.R.Marur (
Date: Fri May 28 1999 - 01:17:35 PDT

Dear members,

1. Is there any prescribed method to undertake
the DD kshEthrAdanam ? (something similar to that
of kAsi-rAmEswaram yAthra [*]).

2. Is it required to start from DD 1 and continue upto
DD 107 or can the kshEthrams be covered in any order conveninent
to us ? (In Tamil nadu, devotees visiting 'aru padai veedu'
of lord kArthikEya follow this numerical sequence)



[*] Such as making sankalpam at rAmEswaram,
doing abhishEkam at kAsi, bringing gangA water to
rAmEswaram and concluding the trip by doing abhishEkam
at rAmEswaram with gangA water and also giving up
some favourite food item(s)!