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Translation of Sriman Sadagopan's poems on Saaranghapaani...

From: Madhavkkannan, Vasudevan (
Date: Tue May 25 1999 - 21:08:31 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

I am usually rash and have not been able to resist my rash nature to
attempt translating the rich ten lovely verses of Sriman U Ve Sadagopan
Swami's. (Fools rush in where angels fear to tread!)
(May Sri Sadagopan forgive me for this..) It is an attempt to tell non Tamil
of the list the greatness of these poems; It is also a request to Tamil
not to read these meanings, and read only the Tamil poems (transliterated
for the enjoyment.. I must have erred at some words.. Sri Sadagopan, Please
my understanding.

Sri Sadagopan wrote:

> I place these ten poems at the feet of Sri KomaLavalli
> SamEtha Sri AarAvamudhan with reverence . The words used
> in these poems have been inspired by the AzhwAr's Pasura
> vAkhyams :
> 1. anparkku aruL puriyum maaperum SothiyAnavan
>    ulahelAm paranthu vinthaikal puriyum Maayavan
>    Mangai iruvar malar silampadi varudum vayOdhikan
>    Kudanthai Vaazh SaarangapANi Odhuvarkkariyavan 
> ( here His PraNavAkara SvarUpam is saluted with 
>   the first three lines of the above poem 
>   starting with with the letters A, U and M ). <Great!>
<(Free translation):
He is the Greatest effulgent Jothi; He showers His grace on His
devotees; He is the Most wonderful One who does great wonders 
spreading everywhere in this Universe (and beyond). (Another
meaning that struck me: He measured the whole Universe and 
performed wonders as Thrivikraman); The two Divine Goddesses
(Periya PiraaTTi and BhUmi PiraaI) gently massaging and squeezing
the Lotus Feet of the Oldest One (Oldest is a great word.. Because
1. Old is Gold. 2. Like Sri ANdal said "Periyaay Ulaginil; thORRamaay ninRa
ChudarE!".. He is the Primordial Chief; Adhimoolam; the First and the Only
He is the Lord Sri Saarangha paaNi, who resides at Thirukkudanthai. >
> 2. Aavi AnAn Amudhamum AnAn naRtthuNai naNbanumAnAn
>    Kudanthaik kidanthAn kudamAdinAn kanRukaL mEytthAn
>    Matthahatthu madha yAnayai pudainthu kompositthAn
>    Poompozhil Yezhil koZhikkum Kudanthai uhanthAn 
<He has become my aavi (life breath; uyir); my nectar; He has
become my supportive close friend too (uyir kaapaan thOzhan)
(as He did to Arjunan) He reclines at Thirukkudanthai; He danced 
with the pot; He reared the calves (as the cowherd Boy); He fought
effortlessly and broke the ivory tusk of angry Kuvayaapeetam elephant .
He enjoys staying at Thirukkudanthai where the beautiful most
fragrant flowers bloom everywhere.>

> 3. Valakkaaiyil chakkaram yEnthinAi
>    idakkaaiyil Sangamum piDitthAi
>    thanDum Saarngamum nee aNinthAi 
>    Kudanthai nakarALA ingE nee vArAi
<You have the Divine ChakrA in Your resplendent Right Hand! 
You have the Conch in Your Left Hand! You have adorned the
Bow and thaNdu; Oh Lord of Thirukkudanthai; (Please) come
here (near me. (Excellent line is the fourth line..) >

> 4. UtthamA!uvappili! utthtiyOka SayanatthAnE
>    NaaraNA nampI ! tanthai kaal vilangaRutthAi
>    thAyAr kai siRut thAmpin thazumphu peRRAi 
>    naamam pal solli yenRum unnai ninaippEnE 
<Oh Most Virtuous Lord! Reclining Lord! Narayana! You
made the clamps of Your father's (Vasudevar's) break open 
and releases him inside the prison (when You were born as KaNNan). 
You (still) bear the mark of the rope that was tied around Your waist by
(Your mother) when You were caught red handed stealing the 
butter; (etthiRam iNaindhaiRandhu yEnghiya yeLivE! says NammAzhwAr)
(Such a Sowlabhyan is He); I shall always think of You all days
uttering Your Divine names.>

> 5. KaNNan yennum Karum dhaivamE 
>    PeethakavADaip pirAnE ParamanE 
>    Aayarkulak kozhunthE GovindhA 
>    Iniyum unaitthEDi naan Oda vENumA 
Oh KannA! The Dark hued Most beautiful Lord!
EmperumaanE! The One who wears the Peethaambharam!
Oh Darling of Cowherd folks! GovindhA! (ahaa enaa azhaghu..)
Do I have to still run searching for You, Lord! (this last line again
is so sweet... 1. It makes me think that YashOdhA calls the
Kutti KaNNan... "dEi.. pORumdaa.. odaadhE! I am not able to run
behind You.. Please stop.. come... 2. This also reminds me of NammAzhwAr's
Thiruvaaymzohi 5.8. "Thirukkudanthai ooraa! unakkaatpattum adiyEn innum
uazhalvEnO?" Even after being enslaved by You, do I have to still
continue to undergo these sufferings?" Sriman Sadagopan! Hats off!)

> 6. KaruLak KodiyAnE VeNNai uNda VaayanE
>    VaNn MathiL soozh Ilankai azhitthavanE
>    aravaNait thuyinrOnE AadhiyE anathaNA
>    varuvAi varuvAi yena ninaitthu niRkinREnE
<(Is that Garuda kodiyaanE? Oh Lord! the One who has
Garuda as Your flag! (Am I right, Sadagopan?) Oh Lord who has
the mouth which shows the remains of (stolen and eaten) butter on it!
The Lord who sleeps (aRithuil) on the bed of AdhisEshan! Oh Primordial
Chief! I have been (living with a) thinking that You will come andYou will
positively.. ("Yes... I am here at PomonA, Dear Sadagoapn.. DevarIr can 
see and enjoy me there..")>

> 7.KaarvaNNat thirumEniudayAi kaRpakamE
>   PoRRAmarai kayathtAi VimalA adhbhuthanE
>   anRu azhahAi nee Aamaruvi niRai mEytthAi
>   AasiriyA unn tannai valam vara aruL thaa
<Oh Lord! the One who has rainy cloud colour! Oh KaRpaka tree like
Lord (the One who grants all that devotees pray for like the celestial 
tree); Oh Most wonderful Lord! the Faultless Pristine Pure One! 
That day, You reared the cattle so well. Oh teacher (the One who taught us
through Your GitA the "Prapatti maargam")! Please bless me to circumbulate
You (perform pradhakshinam).> 

> 8. Thirukkudanthai nedumAlE Jn~anac chudarE 
>    aalilayin mEl thuyinRAi anRoru naaLL
>    pARk kadalil PadmanAbhaNAnAI maRu naaLL 
>    thodarnthunnai thuthitthE pOkkinEn Pozhuthu
Oh tall Lord of Thirukkudanthai! Sarva jnAni! Omniscient! 
(the jOthi of knowledge!) That day (during PraLayam) You
reclined on the small Banyan leaf as a small baby (having the
whole Universe and all seven worlds in Your small stomach!)
Next day You became the Lotus navelled Lord, reclining on AdhisEshan!
(Look at these two lines.. First He retains the seven worlds in His
stomach to protect them; Next He creates Brahma (from the navel
of His) to re-create us (the seven worlds.. ) with His own sankalpam..
A great line..)

> 9. SenthAmaraik KaNNA mayappirAnE MaadhavA
>    yenn aaviyai urukkip paruhinRa vitthahA 
>    PaampaNai mEl paankAi paLLikollum ParamanE 
>    unnai talai konda yenkatkku yEthu thAn kuRai
Oh Red Lotus eyed Lord! Most wonderful Mystical Lord!
Madhavaa! (the One who has lakshmi in His Chest..)Oh Lord!
the One who melts my (uyir- aavi-) life and drinks it to the fullest
extent.. ! Oh lord! the One who reclines so gracefully on the AdhisEshan!
What is the grievance for us (who have taken refuge at Your lotus Feet)?

> 10. OppillA appanE PaalAzhi kidantha paNpanE 
>     AadhiyE neethiyE neelaazhic chOthiyE
>     PaaruNDAi PaarumizhnthAi Paar idanthAi
>     Paar aLanthAi unn TaaLL pORRuvathE araNN
Oh Unparalleled lord! Peerless, Unbounded Greatest Oppaaril appanE!
There is none equal to You (why to talk of superior at all?)
Oh Primordial Chief! Oh Most Virtuous One! Dharmaseelaa! (One who never
goes against Dharma saashthrAs..) Oh Blue Hued Effulgent light! (Jothi!)
You ate the worlds and retained them in Your stomach to protect them!
You spitted them out (after the praLayam for creations again)! You brought
the Earth from troubled waters during Your Varaaha avathaar! You measured
the whole Universe! IT IS ONLY SAFE and COSY to praise only YOUR LOTUS FEET,

 Sri Sadagoapn wrote:

> As a novice poet unfamiliar with meter and 
> rhyme , I have emboldened myself to offer
> at the feet of the Lord of Thirukkudanthai 
> these decad of verses .May He accept it in
> the spirit of humility with which it is offered 
> at the time of His samprOkshana MahOthsavam
> set for June 30 at Thirukkudanthai. 
It is with further deeper humility with which I submit
these (free ) translations for the Great poems of Sri
May the Lord of Thirukkudanthai accept these translations also 
at the time of His samprOkshana MahOthsavam
set for June 30 at Thirukkudanthai. 


In the words of Bharathi.."nidhi migundhavar poR kuvai thaareer; 
nidhi kuRaindhavar kaasugaL thaareer;"

> Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan 
Narayana Narayana

> adiyEn Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan