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Some clarifications

From: Dr. S.R.Marur (
Date: Wed May 26 1999 - 02:22:26 PDT

On Mon, 24 May 1999 17:45:19, Sampath Rengarajan wrote:

>Other notable places are:
>1. brahman kOil
>2. Sri   RagavEndrar's  (of  Sri  mAdhvAchArya  sampradAyam)   guru
>   Sri Suchindrar's brindA vanam.

The brindAvanam at Kudanthai (sOlaiyappan street) is
the mUla brindavanam of srI VijayIndra thIrtha,
parama guru (Guru's guru) of srI RAgavEndhra thIrtha.

srI SudhIndhra thIrtha's (srI RAghavEndrar's guru)
brindAvanam is in 'Nava BrindAvanam', on the banks of TungA.

>4. Sri Sankara mutt (used to be the head  quarters  for  Sri kAnchi
>   sankara mutt untill 60's when  Sri  paramAcharyA  of  Sri kAnchi
>   mutt moved back to Sri kAnchi).

Not exactly. srI MahA pEriyavA moved to kAnchi even during mid 40s.
Infact, sanyasa initiation of srI JayEndra saraswathi swAmi took
place at kAnchi itself in 1952.

>Several brindAvans  for  previous
>peetAthipathis of kanchi mutt are here in this complex.

Only three. The brindavanams of srI ChandrasEkarar (62nd AchArya),
srI MahAdEvar (63rd) and srI ChandrasEkarar (64th).

>Some old disputes say that this mutt comples originally belonged
>to  Sri SingEri mutt.

Definitely not. During the Arcot wars, the math moved from kAnchi,
and the jamIns of UdayAr-pAlayam were playing the hosts to the math.
The marAtha kings invited the math to be present at Tanjore but
based on the advice of the then AcharyA, this math complex had
been constructed on the banks of river Cauvery in Kudanthai. Only,
the 'bangAru Kamakshi', brought from kAnchi has been consecrated
at Tanjore.

The available stone inscriptions, copper plates and other relevant
documents relating to new additions to / renovations in this math
premises, clearly establish that the kudanthai sankara math
complex belongs to kAnchi math, right from its begining.