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Re: Periya Thirumozhi 3.6-maNNaLandha thaaLaaLaa! thaN KUDANTHAI naga raaLaa

From: Kazhiyur Mannar Narayanan (
Date: Tue May 25 1999 - 13:46:29 PDT

Most Dear members,

I add one additional point on the good post of Sri.Madava Kannan on
Periya Thirumozhi 3.6.

We obsorve that both Kaliyan and Nammalwar have resorted to singing in 
praise of God In their nAyikA bhAvams .

however, there is a slight difference.

whenever Sri Nammalwar resorts to this approach, for full 10 poems in that 
pathigam he remains in nAyika bhAvam.

However, our Kaliyan rarely is able to remain in  nAyika bhAvam for full 10 

after 4 to 5 poems, he gets backs to self and again starts 
pleading,crying,singing in ecstasy,, etc.(like azhuvan, thozhuvan , 
adikAnban, pADI ALLatruvan etc.. )

it is said by poorvacharyas that kaliyan cannot remain himself as a 
different object (like cloud,nAyika etc..) and  just cannot bear the 
seperation of lord for such long time of his composing 10 poems, he gets 
back to self and starts pleading etc...

though kaliyan is the latest of all alwars,
his ruthless love(val vali?) has no comparison to other alwar's anubhavams.

Should there be any further thoughts on this, i welcome our memebers to 
share the same.

best regards


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