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Re: Question on nAcciyAr tirumozhi VIII - viNNIla mElAppu 6 posting

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Mon May 24 1999 - 17:50:32 PDT

Dear Sri Raghu : ViLAm Pazham is  called wood apple
in English .It has a hard cover like wood and in fact , 
when the contents inside are drained out , it serves as 
a nice container for Sri ChUrNam and the like .

Ripe ViLAm Pazham has to be cracked open and 
the inside contains a delightful content for
eating .Some times it is mixed with brown sugar 
to enhance its natural tartish sweetness .

Since the skin (casing )of the wood apple fruit is so
tough , no bee or ant or any other fruit eating insect 
can get in .The fruit is thus protected except from
the ulan~gu .Latter enters in its own subtle manner and 
drains all the essence of the fruit and leaves only an empty 
shell of a ViLAM Pazham .Although it may appear as 
though the Lord is being equated here to a fruit mosquito , 
the emphasis is on the subtle ways in which the Lord as BhOkthA 
( please refer to the postings of today by Sri N.KrishNamAchAri
on the Lord's naamam , BhOkthA )enjoys communion with his BhakthAs.

At 07:51 AM 5/22/99 -0400, you wrote:
>Question: wrt nAcciyAr tirumozhi VIII -  viNNIla mElAppu 6
>>>>>>He has totally entered into my thoughts and practically drained
>>>>>>me of all my life, and I am like a viLAm-pazham
>What is a viLAm-pazham??
>>>>>>which has been thoroughly drained of all its inner contents by
>>>>>>mosquitoes that have eaten away the inside of the fruit
>>>>>>leaving only the outside shell".
>Does this mean God is being anlogized to a mosquitoe???
>Does the word ulan~gu have any other meanings??