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Re: thoo nilA muRRam - part 10 - kuda mookku

From: Bhuvana . (
Date: Mon May 24 1999 - 15:05:54 PDT

>	There is an  anubavam  that  is  related to this name "kuda
>mookku".  One  of  the  puNNya  theerttham  associated  with   this
>kshEthram is known as "poRRAmarai"  kuLam or  "pon thAmaRai"  kuLam
>or golden lotus tank. It is also known for safe keeping  the "gene"
>in a "kumbam" or container (hence  known  as  kumbakOnam  in  short
>"kudanthai")  made  out  of the  "sEr"  or  "wet-sand"  taken  from
>"thiruch chErai" (also one of the "108 DD",  the  abode  of  "thiru
>sAranAthan and sAra nAyaki" few miles away from  here)  during  the

I have been reading Sri Sampath Rengarajan's posting with fascination! May I point out to you a beautiful article on the Tiruch chErai temple that can be read at



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