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Re: shuklambara dharam

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Mon May 24 1999 - 12:16:46 PDT

Please note : that shuklambaradharam .. shloka refers to VISHNU as clearly 
indicated in that shloka only. This is even stated in the translation given 
by Sri S.Sathyamurthi Ayyangar in his english version of vishnu sahasra 

The reason given for this interpretation is :  the term vishnum if taken as 
all pervading, without taking it to mean "lord vishnu", then can this verse 
be denoted to any other deity other than Lord Vishnu?  - this is the stance 
taken by the opponent.  Even this is not possible since there can be only 
one "All pervading entity" and this all pervading entity is named as 
Narayana or Krishna or Keshava in several scriptures as well as in 
mahabharatha.  The four armed person described in all of mahabharata is 
Krishna only..  In fact that is the very explanation of Sri Vishnu 
Sahasranama.  Please take a look at the writings of Sri Krishnamachari, who 
wrote several articles on Vishnu Sahasranama, for further details.

Please note that the verse " shuklambaradharam" does not appear in 
mahabharatha, neither does the verse " yasya dvirada vaktradyah"..