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thoo nilA muRRam - part 10 - kuda mookku

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Sun May 23 1999 - 19:21:35 PDT

thoo nilA muRRam - part 10  - kuda mookku

Dear bAgawathAs,

	There is no need to address this kshEthram  as  a kshEthram
that is 2 miles south of such and such city, 6 miles west  of  this
city and so on. Whereas all  other kshEthrams  are to be  addressed
with some reference  co-ordinates. However,  this "kuda  mookku" is
the  origin  of  all  the  global  co-ordinates. This place is also
the nucleus of the entire universe  as  per  purAnAs.   It  is very
specially   referred as the "prapanchatthiRkE  nadu  nAyagam  Akiya
kudanthai". ie., thiru kudanthai  is  the  nucleus of  this  entire
prapancham. We may not want to look into the  scientific  astronomy
to probe this. There are  many reasons this has to be. We may learn
more and more from our purAnAs.

	There is an  anubavam  that  is  related to this name "kuda
mookku".  One  of  the  puNNya  theerttham  associated  with   this
kshEthram is known as "poRRAmarai"  kuLam or  "pon thAmaRai"  kuLam
or golden lotus tank. It is also known for safe keeping  the "gene"
in a "kumbam" or container (hence  known  as  kumbakOnam  in  short
"kudanthai")  made  out  of the  "sEr"  or  "wet-sand"  taken  from
"thiruch chErai" (also one of the "108 DD",  the  abode  of  "thiru
sAranAthan and sAra nAyaki" few miles away from  here)  during  the
"praLayam". Obviously, it was under the protection of  Sri Amudhan.
It was unearthed later  for  subsequent  "shrustis". The "kshEthra
mahimai" describes that the amirtham  was  stored  in  a "kudam" or
vessel" and that such kudam floated  all  the  way  in  the praLaya
veLLam or the great floods and came down  to  this  city.  While in
this city it took refuge under the holy feet of Sri Amudhan and was
hidden in poRRAmarai   tank.  When  it  was  time  to  unearth  the
amirtham dEvas searched everywhere and could not find it.

	After  praying to Sri ArA amuthan, and  as per the bagawath
sankalpam of Sri ArA  amuthan, the kudam  revealed  its  place from
deep down the earth under the pottrAmaRai tank. It revealed  itself
in such a way  that  the  amirtham  started to overflow through the
neck or nose of the "kudam" in which it  was  stored.   Hence  this
place is known as "kuda mookku". dEvAs can never forget  this  very
"mookku" by which the  amirtham  overflowed  showing  its identity.
Many may even say  that  since our Lord was the sole reason for the
safekeeping of this amirtham, and  as well  making  it available to
dEvAs through "kuda mookku", HE is HIMself more sweeter  than  this
"amirtham" and is known as "ArA amuthan",  the nectar that is never
saturated when consumed. The  anubavam is such that  Sri Amudhan is
HIMself being an  amirtham and is safelykept  in   this  holy  city
which is the very  uLLam of  many of  HIS  adiyArs. Due to  Sri ArA
amuthan's own sankalpam this "ArA anubava amirtham"  that was  kept
within ourselves so long, is now simply overflowing from the hearts
and souls of HIS adiyArs revealing its identity.  Hence in the next
few days we  intend to flood with this "anubava amirtham"  from the
bottom of our hearts.

Sri  kOmaLa  vaLLi  thAyAr  samEtha  Sri ArA amudhan  thiruvadikaLE
Sampath Rengarajan


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