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thoo nilA muRRam - part 9 - kOyil Ay koNdu

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Sun May 23 1999 - 19:18:09 PDT

thoo nilA muRRam - part 9  - kOyilAy koNdu

Dear bAgawathAs,

        ArA amudhan ahzagA ? AdisEshan azhagA ? will be the dilemma
in one's mind when they visit this sannithi.  Coming  back  to  the
original pAsuram of Sri bothatthu AzhwAr in iraNdAm thiru anthAthi,
the words "kuda mookkil koyilAy koNdu" is very  thought  provoking.
"kudam" in tamil is a vessel or a pot. "mookku"  in  literal  tamil
means nose. Herein, it is referring to thiru  kudanthai. A detailed
thala  purAnam that follows will present  some   details   on  this
"kArANap peyar". In tamil grammar "kAraNa peyar" means  a name  (of
this  kshEthram) that has been  coined due to a reason.

	AzhwArs have delivered many  pAsurams expressing their love
on many divya dEsams. For example Srirangam has been  addressed  by
all AzhwArs. And the name Srirangam is due to Lord who  decided  to
stay there. Even such srirangam is addressed as   "aranga mA  nagar
ezhunthu  aruLAyE". While  referring  to other  kshEthrams  AzhwArs
address the name of the kshEthrams  and  the  Lords as "kidanthAyE,
irunthAyE, amarnthAyE, kaN vaLarnthAyE etc. ie., Our AzhwArs always
address our Lord as one who is sitting here, who is sleeping  here,
who is residing here, who is sitting here etc., when  referring  to
all divya dEsams. It is somewhat rare to see a reference  such   as
"kOyilAy koNdu".  kOyil  means  temple  and  it  often  refers   to
Srirangam among srivaishnavAs. However, on a second  thought  after
reading about this city of "kuda mookku", and in  particular   this
reference by our AzhwAr, one may conceive that "kOil" should   been
referred   to  thiru  kudanthai.   Our  AzhwAr delivers that, engAL
perumAL, imaiyOr thalaivan,  descended  to a city that is by itself
a "kOil" and such kOil  is thiru kudanthai.  In fact  Sri boothathu
AzhwAr delivered that Our Lord  assumed  the  entire  city  or  the
sthAnam as HIS  own  temple (*). The temple city kumbakonam  is the
holiest of all holy cities.

	Another anubavam is that when our  Lord Sri  ArA  Amudhan's
siRappu  or  speciality  is  conveyed  in  the  previous lines, Sri
bothatthu  AzhwAr  simply spells out the name of this holy city and
adds that our Lord made it as HIS temple. He doesnot add any  other
specialty  to it. ie. AzhwAr simply adds a name of a city to a very
special perumAL Sri ArA amuthan. If someone's name is to be affixed
to such a special perumAL how special that someone's name must be ?
It is an indication by our AzhwAr that the very name of kuda mookku
itself is so special that it need nothing else to address  it  even
when it is combined with the most special Lord Sri ArA amuthan. ie.,
When one has to learn about "Kuda mookku" from purAnams  or purAnic
days, this  kshEthram stands by it s very name. This  kshEthram  is
known to 33 billion dEvAs and others merely by  its name.  The name
"kuda mookku"  itself  is  very  special  as revealed in one of the
kshEthra purANams.

Sri  kOmaLa  vaLLi  thAyAr  samEtha  Sri ArA amudhan  thiruvadikaLE
Sampath Rengarajan
(*) A reasoning  will  be made from purAnAs on this statement in  a
later part.

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