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thoo nilA muRRam - part 8 - ARRangaRai putharil suRRi adum nuRai pOl AdisEshan

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Sat May 22 1999 - 13:17:38 PDT

thoo nilA muRRam - part 8 - ARRangaRai putharil suRRi adum nuRai pOl
Dear bAgawathAs,

     Sri AdisEshan's envelope over "engaL perumAL" Sri ArA  amudhan of thiru kudanthai has many wonderful and cherishable thAthparyams.
No where in any of the 108 and anyother divaya  dEsams that one can see Sri AdisEshan in this full blown form. In Sri rangam he is seen
shying away  with  "baya bhakthi" as  if he has tied both his hands
and is  standing  ready  to take orders and do bAgawatha kainkaryam.
Hence his padam or hood is not in fully spread form. Another place,
he is in constant vigil standing guard for His Lord  who is  in HIS "kaLLa nitthirai" or false asleep.  Even  while standing guard, his hood is  not fully  blown.  Thiru kudanthai is the ONLY place where one can  see  Sri AdisEshan in full swing. This kAtchi is kaN koLLA kAtchi.

      There is another understanding that is also conceived  by us.
"Sowntharyam kudamookkil prasittham. ellAraiyum uRukkum  mAthuryam.
Sri AdisEshan  is  seeing  this  sowntharyam of Sri ArA Amudhan for
several yugAs even without winking anyone of his  eyes  and  he  is
still not saturated  of  it.  In  fact he is still  not  completely
satisfied even after watching  the  sowntharyam  of Sri ArA amudhan
that he is still having the darshan of engaL  perumAL  while  doing
chathra kainkaryam. He is drinking  the nectar in the beauty of Sri
ArA amudhan for yugAs. In many ways this is the scene we can see in
our AchAryAs while they are in extreme happiness doing pari pooraNa
kaikaryam to the Lord.

	A snake used to be shy all the time.  Rarely  a  snake puts
out its hood in full swing. Unless it sees a danger or  a  pleasure
they donot stand erect. Even while standing erect, unless they  see
a pleasure they donot spread their hood fully. Even so, they  donot
span their hood full blown and  envelope  something  or  an  object unless they are completely   in  love with that and are in constant pleasure of doing the same. In thiru kudanthai Sri AdisEshan is  so tall as well, touching the roof of the garba graham. In many places Sri AdisEshan is seen somewhat unproportianl  to his paruman of his body. In some places the perumAL is very huge in His thiru mEni but though Sri Adi sEshan is bearing perumAL, his hood is either  small
or somewhat unproportional to being in full.  In thiru kudanthai he  is not only proportional and very beautiful in his  own  form,   he  also matches  the  thirumEni  of  the  Lord  in  many  aspects  and  displays his own sowntharyam as well.  May be, when he is doing so, his 1000  pairs of eyes  are seeing the Lord and Sri ArA amudhan is reflected to HIS adiyArs in all of those eyes.

thORRangaL mARi pOgum
thOl niRam mAri pOgum
mARRangaL vanthu meendum
maRu padi mARi pOgum

ponniyil veLLam vanthAl
karaiyellAm kalainthu pOgum
AdiSeshanin kAthal mattum
ARRangaRai putharil suRRi adum
nuRai pOl amudhanidamEyE irukkum

Appearances  will change. The color of the skin  will  change. Many
more changes will come and will change again to the orignal as well
in a cycle. When  there is a flood in kauveri that washes engaL ArA
amudhan's holy feet, the flood may change the entire mapping of its
boudaries  known  as  river  banks.  But  come  what  may,  our Sri
AdisEshan's  kAthal  or  love  for engaL perumAL Sri ArA amuthan is
ever present as similar to a foam or nurai that is caught up  in  a
whirl pool in the bushes  of the river banks. Those foam  or nuRais
have nowhere to go. They are trapped in whirl. They  go  round  and
round again and again caught up in the whirl or suzhal.

Sri kOmaLa vaLLi thAyAr samEtha Sri ArAamudhan thiruvadikaLE saraNam
Sampath Rengarajan
note: As desired by our Sri LR, our entire family stand ready to do
a kainkaryam for Sri AdisEshan of thiru  kudanthai by adorning  him
with a silver kavacham. The proposal is waiting  for  the  approval
from the temple authrorities of HR & CE dept of Tamil Nadu Govt.
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