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thoo nilA muRRam - part 7 - chatra kainkaryam of Sri AdisEshan

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Sat May 22 1999 - 13:04:12 PDT

thoo nilA muRRam - part 7 - chatra kainkaryam of Sri AdisEshan

Dear bAgawathAs,

      Sri AdisEshan of thiru kudanthai is very very special in many
ways.  He   is hosting engaL perumAN in his lap. He is also doing a
full blown "Sri chathra kainkaryam". This  is  known  as  kudai  or
umbrellA kainkaryam. ie., He is bearing himself as an  umbrella for
engaL perumAL Sri ArAvamudhan. Many know about the  famous  pAsuram
in manthra pushpam.

"senRAl kudaiyAm irunthAl singA Asanam Am;
  ninrAl mara vadiyAm neeL kadaL uL -- enRum
  puNaiyAm maNi viLLakAm poom pattAm pulkum
  aNaiyAm thirumALukku aRavu"

Simple meaning:

	dEvAs are sometimes selfish and they approach the lord  for
sillarai pleasures  for  themselves.  Our Sri AdisEshan has no such
dhur abimAnam. He changes his form to then there to suit the "state"
and thiru uLLam of  our  parama  purushan Sriman nArAyanan. He does
his "adimai kainkaryam"  then  and  there  and  constantly  without
stopping. Our Sri AdisEshan who  is the chief of  all  nitya  suris
enjoys doing such. ie., If our Lord due to his own preethi wants to
stand doing  His  vibavam,  Sri  AdisEshan  becomes  his  umbrella.
Didn't he do this  full  swung  umbrella  while  Sri  VasudEvar was
carrying our Lord crossing the river  during  heavy down pouring of
rains and the river are  being in full spate themselves? (Those who
has  not  seen  that, can see it in thiru  kudanthai  even  today).
"sEshi uganthu adimai seybavan". ie.,  he  does become an  umbrella
and do  "adimai   kainkaryam"  only  when  our  Lord is standing or
walking due to Lord's own preethi or due to sEshi's ugappu. That is
why he is known as sEshan.

    When our Lord Sriman nArAyaNa due to HIS own viruppam or desire
wants to sit in paramapatham, Sri AdisEshan becomes his  simhAsanam
or the grand throne. When our Lord due to his own pleasure wants to
take a stroll he in his vibavam, (Sri Rama avathAram) Sri AdisEshan
becomes his holy footwear known as thiru pAthugai.  In  those  wide
seas when Our Lord is in HIS kaLLa nitthirai, Sri AdisEshan becomes
HIS soft bed. When our Lord wants to see some vasthu, Sri AdisEshan
becomes the lamp or maNgaLa deepam  that gives the light. He has so
many  rathnams  in  his  sirasu such that even 1000 suriyans cannot
match the brightness of such a light.  When  sarvEswaran  wants  to
wear a peethAmbaram or a new dress,  Sri  AdisEshan  becomes Lord's
new silk wear. When our Lord is in private  moments due to HIS  own
icchai or antharanga nEram with HIS consorts, Sri  AdisEshan serves
as the thazhu Anai or thalai Anai or pillow or thindu.  It  is also
said that when there is a oodal or a brief  priod of flase fighting
between lovers, (here it is our Lord and  HIS Consorts), Our Lord's
mood is down, Sri AdisEshan  becomes the aNai that our Lord hugs to
come over this sorrow.  aNai  means  hug ot the thing that is being
hugged.  thazhu  means hug in tamil. thazhu aNai means the one that
gets hugged.

	In thiru kudanthai Sri Amuthan is not walking. If only when
Sriman nArAyana is senRAl Sri AdisEshan is to come as his umbrella.
Example is Sri vAmaNa avathAram. But in thiru kudanthai he is doing
"kudai"  or  chathra  kainkaryam  even  while "engaL perumAL" is in
"utthAyana sayaNam". He is full blown and spread  his hood  to  the
fullest extent and bent over engaL perumAL with his eyes wide open.
He is seen distinctly with all his five heads completely stretching
and spanning over "engaL perumAL"  who  is  attempting  to  get up.
When HE is kaLLa nitthirai, AdisEshan can be little away or not  in
full blown  state. But when our Lord Sri ArAamuthan's eyes "sengan"
are open who else will not see let alone his constant companion Sri
AdisEshan. It is said that Sri AdisEshan is bent to look  at  those
eyes of engaL perumAL Sri ArAamudhan that are wide open.

Sri kOmaLa vaLLi thAyAr samEtha Sri ArAamudhan thiruvadikaLE saraNam
Sampath Rengarajan

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