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thoo nilA muRRam - part 6 - nAgatthu aNai kudanthai

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Sat May 22 1999 - 06:36:43 PDT

thoo nilA muRRam - part 6 - nAgatthu aNai kudanthai
Dear bAgawathAs,

       Though many AzhwArs have praised the beauty of Sri AdisEshan
in thiru kudanthai, one  of the  most  thought provoking pAsuram of
Sri thiru mazhisai AzhwAr is presented here for  a  reference.

nAgatthu aNai kudanthai  vehA thiru evvuL
nAgatthu aNai arangam pEr anbil nAgatthu
aNai pAR kadal kidakkum Adhi nedu mAl
aNaippAr karutthuan AvAn.

		nAnmugan thiruvanthAthi - 36 (*)

There are  several  layers  of  meaning that are conceived for this
pAsuram. The meaning that is relevant to the topic on Sri AdisEshan
is as follows. Our Lord is present  three groups of kshEthrams; Two
of them are having three members among themselves. The third one is
by there all by itself. In all  these  our  perumAL's  name  is not
mentioned first but Sri  AdisEshan's aNai  or  padukkai or  bed  is
referred  first as nAgatthu aNai. Not once but thrice ! repeated in
each of the first three of the this four liner pAsuram. Only at the
end of the third line after pronouncing the beauty of Sri AdisEshan,
our AzhwAr while standing in front of Sri AdisEshan and Sri Amudhan,
spells out the presence of emperumAn as "kidakkum Adhi nedu mAl" or
the  one  who  is  the  causes  of all causes or the one who is our
mother ("thAy  Anavar" as per Sri PV Pillai  for this pAsuram)  is
lying there on this nAgatthu aNai,  just waiting to enter the heart
of those who are embracing HIM through  their mind even for a split

	The analogy is even more beautiful and special  when we see
that, among the three references to Sri AdisEshan as  three  layers,
the divya  dEsam of  thiru kudanthai, thiru vehA,  and thiru ev vuL
stand  on  "top  of  the line" as prioritized by Sri thiru mazhisai
AzhwAr. Sri AdisEshan of Sri  rangam,   thirup  pErur,  thiru anbil
comes second and thiru pAR kadal where  Sri AdisEshan is physically
present  in HIS original form comes last. Among the top of the line
all  the three Sri AdisEshans are most  beautiful,  but  still  our
AzhwAr puts Sri AdisEshan of thiru kudanthai first as  he  delivers
this  pAsuram standing  in  front  of Sri Amudhan. This is one more
example  from  our  AzhwArs Srisukthis as to which Sri AdiSeshan is
most beautiful.

Sri kOmaLa vaLLi thAyAr samEtha Sri ArAamudhan thiruvadikaLE saraNam
Sampath Rengarajan

(*) Please read Sri MadhAvakaNNan's wonderful translations  on  this
pAsuram as part of his write up on nAnmugan thiruvanthAthi from  the
bhakti archives at point 6.

note: Most important on Sri AdiSeshan of thiru kudanthai is the next
part to come. Please stay tuned for that. By the way  adiyEn  talked
with my uncle Sri LR and I am told that  the  arrangements  for mahA
samprOkshanam  is  going on in full swing. But they are struggling a
lot for funds. They are no where near completion of many tasks. This
is a frantic appeal.

       Much more support is needed to fulfill  this  kainkaryam. Our Jeer of Sri Ahobila muth HIMself is presiding over the samprOkshanam.
A house in sannithi theru is being renovated for our AchAryA's  stay
during mahA samprOkshanam. I am told that Sri Ahobila muth has  also
come  forward  to  arrange  Rs 25 Laks or 2.5 millions of rupees for
yAga sAlai in addition  to  taking  care  of the mahA  samprOkshanam
expenses in full as well.  Please  rush  in support of what ever you
can, from which ever part of the wolrd you can. BAgawathAs in Europe,
Middle East, and Other Parts of the World, please send you money for
this once in  a  many lives kainkaryam directly to the India address
given below. It may be very small or very big. No matter it all adds.
Sri Amudhan  will be pleased with you all. Nothing is more important
than serving Sri Amudhan once in many lives atleast. The mAhA samprO
kshaNam is scheduled to take place on June 30. 1999. No   delays  or  postponement of this date are anticipated as of today.


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