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Date: Sat May 22 1999 - 23:07:38 PDT

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> Sri Raamajayam
Also for quite a few years, I have personally tried to understand why Sri
Vaishnavites do not go to non-Sri Vaishnavite temples.  I heard several 
ranging from "Sriman Narayanan is Parathvam", so no need to worship Anya 
who are not subservient to lord.  In other cases some had use Puraanic 
examples of
where Anya Devathaas had resorted to jealous acts against Sriman Narayana 
and they
are thus not worthy of our worship.   On careful analysis of our Nithya 
Santhya Vandhanam, Yajnas, Homam etc, where we still invoke prayers to Anya
Devathaas), we specifically worship the other Devas/Devathaas and not the 
Sriman Naarayanan in them, "like Rudra Daivatyam Vrushabavahanaam" in 

[Krishna Kalale]
Dear sri sudarshan,

 I would like to know where in madhyanhika does this mantra comes - Rudra 
Daivatyam Vrushabavahanaam?

to my knowledge such a mantra does not exist.  If it does some "shaivite 
vadyaar" might have brought that up, since sandhyavandanam is pretty 
flexible and different versions exist.

I do know that in shraddha mantras other devatas are brought up.  Vedartha 
samgraha and even nirukti which is common to all vedantic systems clears up 
that those words of anyadevatas basically directly or through antaryami 
denote srimannarayana.  Even sayana bhasya agrees with this.  Hence there 
is no controversy.

I really dont understand what is meant by this sentence written by you :
 sudarshan wrote:
 Of course Parathvam is Sriman Naarayanan, and all the Parabhakthi,
Paragnana, Prapatthi, we seek comes from this merciful Parabrahmam of 
Naarayanan, even if we seek it from other Gods/Demi-Gods(words from the 

[Krishna Kalale]   ( where is this in bhagavad gita? and what exactly is 
the meaning of the original verses of bhagavad gita?
[Krishna Kalale]

[Krishna Kalale]  Sudarshan wrote:
I was even more confused why we do not worship a Shiva Linga, or Ganesha in 
idol form.

[Krishna Kalale]  I think this issue has been dealt with several times in 
the bhakti archives and I am sure  [Krishna Kalale]  one can find those 
easily [Krishna Kalale]