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nAcciyAr tirumozhi VIII - viNNIla mElAppu 6

From: Kalyani Krishnamachari (
Date: Thu May 20 1999 - 20:26:15 PDT

SrI ANDAL samEta SrI rangamannAr tiruvaDigaLE SaraNam
             nAcciyAr tirumozhi VIII -  viNNIla mElAppu
      pASuram 8.6 (eighth tirumozhi - pAsuram 6 Salam koNDu)

Salam koNDu kiLarndu ezhunda taN mugilgAL!  mAvaliyai
  nilam koNDAn vEnkaTattE nirandu ERip pozhivIrgAL !
ula~ngunDa viLankani pOl uL meliyap pugundu, ennai
 nalam koNDa nAraNarkku en naDalai nOi SeppuminE

A. Translation (meaning) from SrImAn SaDagOpan's tamizh treatise:
"Oh clouds that rise high carrying the cold and soothing waters 
and who then deliver these waters on the vE~nkaTa Hills which 
belong to the One who came in the form of vAmana and got the 
three Feet of land from mahAbali!  Go and deliver the message 
to Him about the miserable state in which He has left me. He 
has totally entered into my thoughts and practically drained 
me of all my life, and I am like a viLAm-pazham which has 
been thoroughly drained of all its inner contents by 
mosquitoes that have eaten away the inside of the fruit 
leaving only the outside shell".  

B. Additional thoughts from SrImAn SaDagOpan:
In the sixth pASuram, godai is narrating to the clouds 
the very weak state of her health because of her yearning 
for Lord vEnkaTavan. She says: 'My vEnkaTavan, who is 
called "vAmana, vipra, mAyA mANava and hari",  asked 
mahAbali - "trINi padAnyEva vruNE tvatvaradarshabhAt" - 
I need only three feet of land; mahAbali agreed and lost 
the three worlds. Just as He cheated mahAbali, entering 
into his yAgaSalai, He got into me and usurped all my 
strength. I have become like the viLAngani that have 
been eaten by big mosquitoes; I look fine on the outside, 
but without any strength left in me.  He has completely 
depleted me of my health; I cannot even stand straight 
and am fainting constantly; please inform Him on my 
naDalai nOi (disease caused by deception, or just 
general weakness); may be, then, He will come to see me".

C. Additional thoughts from SrI PVP:
Salam koNDu kiLarndu ezhunda taN mugilgAL: Just as 
some people add cardamom and other spices to water 
and keep selling in the streets, shouting "Elakkuzhambu, 
Elakkuzhambu", these clouds are picking up the waters, 
rise up and wander all over the sky.  (Additional 
note from SrI kr*shNasvAmi aiye~ngAr: The implication 
here is: "you undertake so much pain to carry all the 
waters and without expecting anything in return, you 
give to others. In the same way, you must help me by fulfilling my
taN mugilgAL: "your appearance itself is soothing; do 
you have to rain in addition?" (SrI kr*shNasvAmi aiye~ngAr:  
"You, who can soothe with just appearance, must ward away my
mAvaliyai nilam koNDAn vEnkaTattE:   "you live in 
the place where He came to beg for the sake of the 
dEvA-s and help them. Shouldn't you be helping me? 
I am not sending you to an aSuran like mahAbali. I am 
only sending you to nammai uDaiyavan nArAyaNan".
Erip pozhivIrgAL: In the tannIrp pandal where water 
is offered to the thirsty on a very hot day, there will 
be a vessel called SAikaragam kept in a high place and 
from the opening in the vessel, water will be falling 
down to the face level. This is in an indication to 
people coming from a distance that water is available 
there. Just like that, the clouds climb high up in 
the sky and pour down the rain. 
Ula~ngunDa viLAnkani pOl uL meliyap pugundu: ulan~gu is 
a kind of huge mosquito. As they make contact with the 
outside of the shell of vilAmpazham, they drain the 
juice inside completely.  Similarly, emperumAn embraced 
godai and in the process stole away her health, her 
thoughts, her bangles and everything else from her.
nAraNarkku en naDalai nOi SeppuminE: nAraNan denotes 
vAtsalyam; "Ask Him about His name denoting vAtsalyam 
on the one hand, and the distress which I am undergoing 
because of Him on the other, and ask Him how the two 
can be consistent.  If He had this naDalai nOi involving 
oscillating between standing, sitting, falling down, 
getting up, etc., because of the separation, He would 
not wait for me to have to send this message.  So 
this is only MY naDalai nOi.  Go and tell Him about my desperate

sarvam SrIman nArAyaNAyEti samarpayAmi.
Kalyani Krishnamachari

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