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Sri RanganathA Temple Construction Status & Prathishtai

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Fri May 21 1999 - 07:24:13 PDT

Dear BhakthAs of the Divya Dampathis of Srirangam :

The bhakthAs engaged in the completion of 
the one and only temple in North America or for 
that matter anywhere  outside India are racing towards 
the date of July 5 . They are in the last lap of this 
marathon kaimkaryam. As this date selected for 
the SamprOkshaNam /Prathishtai /consecration 
of the temple and the ArchA moorthys in the time
honored Vedic-Aagamic way approaches , I have an urgent 
appeal to you .

We are entering the  most critical phase 
of this once-in-a-life time project .Eleven
Sthapathis have arrived to complete the VimAnam
construction and are housed in  Dr.Venkat Kanumala's
house and all the expenses for their boarding and lodging
are being taken care of by the family of Dr.Kanumala .
You can readily imagine the pressures of
boarding, lodging eleven experts in temple construction
besides raising the additional funds are needed for 
purchasing the construction material for the 
PraNavAkruthi VimAnam and other vimAnams . 

Please come forward and help generously with 
whatever you can and rush it to The Sri RanganaathA
Temple , C/O Dr.Venkat Kanumala , P.O Box 120 
Pomona , NY 10970 .All your contributions 
are tax dedctible . Please plan on joining 
the Prathishtai festivities of this unique temple
for Sri RanganathA , which is  an authentic replica of 
Srirangam temple on a smaller scale . 
The date for your calendar is July 5 .

I know all of us interested in supporting 
such causes are approached by number of 
volunteers for different Kaimkaryams .
I am "guilty " of such activities ,
which you have borne with and responded 
generously in the past .
May I now request that you place support 
for this Kaimkaryam at the top of your list ,
since we do not have too many days left to 
complete this Yaj~nam of creating a house
amidst us for our Lord RanganaathAn in USA .  

Back in the time period starting from March 29, 98
to May 2 , 98 ,I was blessed to share with you 
the unique and distinct AanandhAnubhavams of 
our AzhwArs thru their 245 paasurams on Sri RanganAthan
and our AchAryAs thru their many kaimkaryams at
Srirangam. I  added the anubhavams of our 
NaadhOpaasakAs in that kaimkaryam . All of these postings
are avilable at the Bhakthi archives of this period ( march29
to may 2, 1998 ). 

ThiruppANar's blissful anubhavam of Sri RanganAthA
thru his AmalanAdhipirAn paasurams are also covered 
in an article dated December 3, 1998 . Additional
articles on Srirangam ARayar Sevai , Sri Vaikunta EkAdasi 
celebrations are also archived in the Dec 98-Jan 99 
archives . One can never be satiated by reading 
and rereading the glories of the Lord of BhulOka
Vaikuntam at Srirangam and resting now at Pomona , NY .

May the AzhwAr , Acharya"s and the divya dampathi's
blessings be with you always . 

Three volunteers have sent 5K$ each during the last week .
We need to raise at a minmum 35K$ more. Individual 
contributions at the  $500, $1,000 ,$5,000 levels 
will quickly help us reach the immediate goal.
Please send your contributions  directly to
Dr.Venakt kanumala and copy me .

I am planning to give away portions of the 
funds raised from the sale of AchArya RaamAnujaa
CD ROM that is nearing completion .I will
write about that pioneering CD ROM just before
Swami NammAzhwAr's Thirunakshathram ( May 29, 99). 

Please come forward and help ,

Daasan , V.Sadagopan