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The Avadhoota -- By Sri Velukkudi Krishnan

From: Mani Varadarajan (
Date: Thu May 20 1999 - 09:44:00 PDT

Dear Bhaktas,

I was sent this article by Sri Velukkudi Krishnan, the
son of the great Velukkudi Varadacharya Swami (paramapada-vAsI).
The elder Velukkudi Swami was one of the greatest upanyAsakas
of modern times, and Sri Krishnan Swami is ably following 
in his footsteps.

Many of you have already heard Sri Krishnan's lectures on
Tiruppavai, etc., in Chennai.

With God's grace, Sri Krishnan will become a regular contributor
to this forum.



Kindly go through the following. It would be interesting.

Learn from whom - surprisingly from everyone and anything.

An interesting conversation, in the great Purana Srimad Bhagavatam, between 
Avadhoota ( one who has no liking in this material world ) and Yadu , the 
King. On being questioned by Yadu, on the nature of Avadhoota, which is 
devoid of any liking or disliking in this world, Avadhoota replies :

"I have many Gurus in this world. Each one of them kindled my thinking and 
taught me the subtle reality (tatvas) hidden in their behaviour. O Yadu  - 
Listen - Let me explain them to you  .

My gurus are 24 :  Earth, Wind, Space, Water, Fire, Moon, Sun, Pigeon, 
Python, Ocean, Gloworm, Honeybee,  Elephant, Hunter, Deer, Fish, Prostitute, 
Kurara Bird, Lad, Las, Goldsmith, Snake, Silkworm, and an insect.  What did 
I learn from them ?  .

Earth - We sleep, walk, run, stamp and do what not on earth. Earth,  after 
receiving such a treatment remains unmoved. It shows no signs of anger but 
pardons us.  Likewise, we must also be unmoved on good or bad treatment 
given to us. We must pardon the miscreants. Moreover, Earth gives birth to 
trees, shadow, fruits, wood, rivers, etc. not for herself but only for the 
use of others. So should we also be, always trying to help others than being 

Wind -   Wind comes through forests, mountains, waterfalls, flowers, etc 
bringing along with it the fragrance of each of these. But, one would agree, 
that it does not identify itself with any of these. It is not connected or 
wedded to any of these. It is independent. Likewise, the Atma, eventhough is 
within this body, it cannot be tarnished with the changing nature of this 
body such as, infancy, boyhood, youth, agedness, etc. It remains independent 
of all these difficulties.

Space - This is omni present. You cannot find any object that is not 
surrounded in  and out by space. But it cannot be measured by any of these 
objects. Likewise, the Atma is omni present in this body and every body, but 
cannot be measured by this body.

Water - This purifies anyone or anything, that is touched by it. Likewise a 
Yogi, purifies anyone who comes in contact with him, by his good deeds and 

Fire - Food, whether tasty or not tasty, is being cooked in fire. Good or 
bad objects, even human beings, are made to ashes by fire. But no sins are 
attached to Fire for this. Fire flames out at times but remains unseen in 
the charcoal many times. Likewise,  a Yogi, whatever is offered to him - 
whether good or bad - no sins are attached to him. He remains seen many 
times but also is unseen sometimes. Offerings to him get purified.  
Moreover, on whichever object there is fire, say a long wood or a short 
wood, Fire looks as though it is also of the same formation. But in reality 
, there is no such formation for fire. It remains the same. Likewise, the 
Paramatma or Jeevatma, when they are within a body, they are indicated by 
the caste and creed of that body - like Brahmin, Vysya, Jaina, Buddhist etc. 
But in reality, there is no such differentiation or formation for the Atma. 
It remains the same.

The Moon : From the Full Moon day to the New Moon day, the moon reduces in 
size. The other way round, it increases in size. This is how it looks to our 
naked eyes. But does the moon really change in size. No . Likewise, the atma 
in this body, seems to be born, change in size, and die. But in reality it 
is not so. All these changes are only to this body.

The Sun : It rains because of the Sun.  The Sun, sucks the water from the 
ocean, and showers it whenever required through the clouds. Likewise, a 
Yogi, absorbs the good things and thoughts through his eyes and ears, and 
distributes to the needy through his speech and deeds.

There are many more like this. If you are interested pls let me know.
You may be already aware of the above. So pls give it to interested persons 
who are not aware.

Adiyargal kuzhangalaye udan kuduvadu enrukolo !!