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stotraratna contd. 25 to 28.

Date: Thu May 20 1999 - 07:09:18 PDT

Respected members,

The  Slokhas 25 thro'  28  of yaamunaacharyas stotraratna is as

slokha 25 :-

Abhuta-purvam mama bhaavi kim vaa
sarvam sahe me sahajam hi duhkham;
kimtu tvad agre saran'aagataanam
paraabhavo naatha! na te'anurupah.

What(misery) can possibly happen to me that has not
already befallen? I have been bearing everything; for
misery and i have been born together. But, O Master!  it
is not becoming of you that one who has taken shelter at
your feet should get frustrated in his attempt to overcome
the miseries of transmigratory existence.

slokha 26 :-

Niraasakasy'aapi na taavad utsahe
mahesa! haatum tava paada pankajam;
rusaa nirasto'api sisuh stanandhayo
na jaatu maatus caranau jihaasati.

O Supreme Being! even if you drive me away, I cannot
relinquish your lotus-feet; a suckling does not at all desire
to leave its mother's feet at any time, even if it has been set
aside by her in anger.

slokha 27 :-

Tav'aamrta-syandini paada-pankaje
nivesit aatmaa katham anyad icchati;
sthite'aravinde makaranda nirbhare
madhu-vrato n'eksurakam hi viksate.

How can my mind, which is firmly set upon your lotus-feet
shedding nectar, ever be desirous of anything else? As is
well-known, when there exists a lotus laden with honey nearby,
a bee does not even glance at the Ikshuraka flower( a thorny
flower without fragnance or honey).

slokha 28 :-

Tvad anghrim uddisya kad'aapi kena cid
yathaa tathaa v'aapi sakrt krto'anjalih;
tad'aiva musnaaty asubhaany asesatah
subhaani pusnaati na jaatu hiyate.

Whosoever, in whatever manner, at whatever time, supplicates to
you with palms joined even once, that act dispels at once all his
miseries and contributes to his well-being. An act of supplication
to you is never in vain.

Sri krishnaarpanamasthu
Narayana Narayana