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Vedas vs modern science

From: V.Srimahavishnu (
Date: Thu May 20 1999 - 03:42:00 PDT

       Dear BhAgavatas,


         Many BhAgavatas have expressed their views about theories
propsosed by scientists of recent centuries vs the metaphysics of
ViSishtAdvaitam (the rudiments of which I don't know).
             vEdas are complete science revealed by BhagavAn to brahma at
the beginning of the creation (though He did not teach them like KrishNa
later taught gItA to Arjuna, we can't say they have an independent
origin).Again  it is BhagavAn Who in the form of HayagrIva  brought back
the lost Vedic knowledge. This is the knowledge which enables Brahma to 
create.It does not deal with BhagavAn and chit alone but deals with matter also.
So to go on renewing our thought processes based on  theories proposed by
scientists may not be a healthy practice. At the same time, we may not be
able to disprove them, due to our own limitations.  To understand the
evolution of the universe, one needs to understand the role of
BhagavannArAyaNa, the creator, sustainer and destroyer of the entire
                Suppose we can't accept what VEdas say reg. the chem.
composition of water, what is the guarantee that they speak truth about
even the existence of BhagavAn and soul? I somehow think BhagavadrAmANuja
suggests an integrated approach for reasoning, i mean we can't draw our
own conclusions reg. the evolution of species etc. without trying to
understand the tattvas of matter, soul and ParamAtmA at the feet of an

      One more thing is we don't have the complete text of the "complete
science". More than 97% of vEda SAkhAs are lost over centuries for
different reasons. So quoting things from the remaining SAkhAs to prove
our vEdas to be unscientific (which none of our members has done) from the
modern physics point of view won't help. Even if all the SAkhAs exist, we
should have an AchArya like SrI rAmAnuja to interpret it properly. 
       I agree with Sri Anand that theories like that of
Darwin are immaterial to us. They should never come in the way of our
spiritual progress. Instead of pondering over such things, it is always
better to enjoy the ananta kalyANa guNas of the Paramapurusha, in Whose
existence all of us believe. I am sure that one day He will make us
understand every aspect of His wonderful creation.
                                         dEvam hayagrIvamaham prapadyE                      
                                               your humble servant