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Date: Wed May 19 1999 - 16:03:14 PDT

Hello All,

Personally to me its like somebody telling me that  there are all the
sculptures/carvings all around the temple that are provocative and not right and
they all should be changed into some thing different and Godly. If you can't go
past the first stage and see/perceive God within the temple then what good is it
if you wear Jeans/ skirts/ pants/shorts or even nothing (like some people do or
don't).  Any way the quality that should decide the relationship between you and
God is the "relantionship" itself and not the "Jeans" or "Genes".  So no matter
what you wear (Jean culture for example) or no matter what your origin is ( Gene
culture) if you build the relationship; no! no! no! if HE builds the
relationship of unqualified, incessant love between HIM and You due to HIS
grace, what more do you care except for the "relationship".  Pallandu Pallandu

Raghu Ramanuja Dasaha