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if wishes were jeans ......

From: Koustubhan, Purnima, BRMC (
Date: Wed May 19 1999 - 13:33:29 PDT

		WOW! I am speechless. Were you beaten as a child by a woman
wearing jeans? What is up with the hatred of jeans? Are you so sheltered
that you think shampoos are all still made of egg? Helloooooo!!! I am so
disappointed by your second posting. I was sure you would elaborate on you
initial statements with some depth of meaning. But you are still stuck on
this superficial level. You are so young yet so Puritanical in your
judgements (not to mention chauvinistic). You stated in your original post
that "as a young person , I used to worship lord under compulsion from my
parents.but for the first time in my life our went inside  a temple." Based
on this information you are probably still finding your way
around(spiritually speaking). Please please please lay your Victorian
attitudes aside until you can learn (and FEEL) more about GOD. I guess you
make me sad because I imagine that if you saw me walking down the street you
would probably assume I am an evil harlot out to destroy the Hindu culture
when in actuality I am probably on my way to a horseback riding lesson. Oh
well, you probably think I should be riding sidesaddle anyway. That would
fit in with your Victorian views.
		PS I have never cut my hair, but I wear jeans. Does that
mean GOD likes me for at least half the week?