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Sri Venkatessan's posting & Sundar's reply

Date: Tue May 18 1999 - 23:49:04 PDT

Even though Venkatesan's concern may seem too simplistic and misplaced... I 
feel stongly about the words and tone used by V Sundar in his reply.

Here is a person who has voiced a concern and there is no need
to come down on him so heavily. If the tone and content of replies
are going to be like this, then it will prevent members of this list from 
clarifying their doubts for the fear of sounding stupid and being rebuked.

We need to make everyone in the world a Vaishnava and when new people come 
on to the list they have to accommodated, guided and carried along without 
some one rubbing their nose on the ground
for their queries.

We need to cultivate tollerance and empathy....virtues our Acharyas
have repeatedly emphasised. Trinad api sunicena....(stay humbler than
a blade of grass that gets trampled along Chainthanya Mahaprabhu

Respectfully Yours,

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