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Re: Periya Thirumozhi 3.5- Vandhu unadhu adiyEn manam pugundhaay!

From: Bhuvana Nandakumar (
Date: Tue May 18 1999 - 21:56:28 PDT

Respected members,

I have been reading with interest and reverence the postings on the Periya 
Tirumozhi and would like to put forth a couple of observations re.  the 
recent one of Sri Madhavakkannan:

>Thiruvaali Naadu: 6 miles east of Seergaazhi.

>AzhwAr pleas to Thiruvaali Emperumaan for blessing
>him with Nithya kaimkaryam to him and declares to the Lord that without
>there is no salvation / redemption for him (AzhwAr). AzhwAr says "I will
>never ever (allow you to) leave. Interesting, most anubhavam filled ten!
>Thiruvaali Naadu: 6 miles east of Seergaazhi.
>Moolavar:Sri Lakshmi Nrusimhar.
>Uthsavar: Thiruvaali NaragaaLan.

I suppose it is Lord of Tiruvali Nagar(-city) and not Lord of Tiruvali
Naraga (-Hell?)

>2. (neelath thadavarai maamaNi nigazhak kidandhadhu pOl/
>aravaNai vElaith thalai kidandhaay! adiyEn manam pugundhaay!/)
>Due to the burning of sugar cane juices, the smoke arising out of the 
> >same, > rises to the sky like the rainy clouds everywhere in the sky; the 
>whole > place is filled with the nice most fragrant aroma of the juice, and 
>in such > place, the lovely peacocks dance so gracefully in the gardens of 

I suppose what is being alluded to is the boiling of sugarcane juices. I may 
be wrong of course and beg for clarification on this.

Also this temple is a fairly large one in good condition mid fields but one 
had to go in search of the priest!  One of those large structures 
languishing for want of sevaarthis...

With kind regards,


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