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From: Gopaul Lakshmanan (
Date: Tue May 18 1999 - 12:43:22 PDT

Dear Bhaghavatas:
SrimatE Gopala Desikaya Nama:

I agree with what Mohan Sagar wrote:

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From: Mohan R Sagar <>
Date: Mon, 17 May 1999 21:16:56 -0600

The Catholic rosary beads, the Jewish Yarlmuke, and the Islamic prayer
cap (I cannot recall the traditional name of it at
the moment) are all excellent examples of such
simple outward expressions of faith.

While we must most certainly allow for cultural
adaptation and change to some extent, I think that
as bhAgavathas, we should at least take the
responsibilty of encouraging the "cultural
Iyengars" in our communities to adopt wearing
thiruman, or at least srIchUrnam on their
foreheads when they visit a temple or participate
in a religious function.   I think their
acceptance of this will be a big first step in
being re-introduced to the riches of our

I have seen gents coming to the temples in U.S.A. in shorts(perhaps after a 
game of tennis?).  In Corporate America, even on 'dress-down' days, wearing 
shorts is prohibited(I am talking about gents only). I know at least few 
"Fortune 500" companies who specify what type of dress to wear on 'casual' 
days and jeans is not in the list. If persons can do this to please their 
employer, they can definitely dress properly when they go to the temple.

Christians are in their best dress when they attend the church on Sundays.  
So are the Muslims or Jews when they go for prayer. Is it too much to ask of 
a Hindu to dress appropriately when he wants darshan of Perumal?  The 
message is to be spread and those who can should try to educate the people 
who visit the temple to have proper attire.  Of course wearing dhoti, 
Thirumann, panchakacaham are always nice to see and be seen in the temple.

adiYen dAsan

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