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Periya Thirumozhi 3.5- Vandhu unadhu adiyEn manam pugundhaay!

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Date: Tue May 18 1999 - 04:33:32 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

AzhwAr pleas to Thiruvaali Emperumaan for blessing
him with Nithya kaimkaryam to him and declares to the Lord that without Him 
there is no salvation / redemption for him (AzhwAr). AzhwAr says "I will 
never ever leave You from me". Interesting, most anubhavam filled ten!

Thiruvaali Naadu: 6 miles east of Seergaazhi.

Moolavar:Sri Lakshmi Nrusimhar.
Uthsavar: Thiruvaali NaragaaLan.
Thaayaar: Amruthakadavalli
Prathyaksham to ThirumangaiAzhwAr
VisEsham: This is the place where Kumudavalli (ThirumangaiAzhwAr's Devi) was 
brought up.

1. (An excellent pAsuram!) Vandhu unadhu adiyEn manam pugundhaay!/ 
PugundhaRpin vaNanghum * en chinthanaikku iniyaay! / ThiruvE! en aaruyirE!/ 
am thaLir aNi aar asOkin iLam thaLirgaL kalandhu/ senthazhal puraiyum 
Thiuvaali ammaanE!

(enna azhaghu words! ) Oh Lord! the One who hasThiruvaali as a place of 
permanent residence! The place- which looks so divinely beautiful due to the 
red-fire coloured densely grown tender leaves of AsOka tree. My Lord! My 
Life! You came to my place!
You entered into my heart (who is Your Servant always). After entering into 
me, You have become so sweet and nectarine to my mind.

2. (neelath thadavarai maamaNi nigazhak kidandhadhu pOl/
aravaNai vElaith thalai kidandhaay! adiyEn manam pugundhaay!/)
Due to the burning of sugar cane juices, the smoke arising out of the same, 
rises to the sky like the rainy clouds everywhere in the sky; the whole 
place is filled with the nice most fragrant aroma of the juice, and in such 
place, the lovely peacocks dance so gracefully in the gardens of Thiruvaali! 
Oh My Swami of such most beautiful place of Thiruvaali! Like the most dark 
blue huge mountain reclining, on which
a most brightest shining lustrous valuable Raththina stone, My Lord is 
reclining so gracefully on AdhisEshan showing the Kausthubham on his Chest 
glittering so beautifully! Now You have entered into my heart!

3.  When the farmers harvest the paddy fields, the fishes that live in 
there, jump in front of their faces and jump into the nearby Sugar cane 
gardens; Such a beautiful fertile place is Thiruvaali Naadu. Oh Lord of 
Thiruvaali! Yesterday I had, Today I don't; Tomorrow, I may get- no such 
doubts and ambiguities; Always forever- eternally, You have entered into my 
heart and I think it is to do good to the world (people) (through me).

4. Oh Lord of Thiruvaali, where the beautiful swans swim with their mates in 
the ponds located inside the cool gardens which is full of Punnai trees! You 
have blessed me to come to You and have a never forgetting thought of Your 
Lotus Feet always,
leaving the desires for the narrow (lightning like), tender waisted young 

5. Oh Lord of Thiruvali, where everywhere one can hear the rhythms of 
bhajans (songs) on Bhagawaan, the sounds of Conches, the sounds of Drums 
(dOlaks), etc.. ! Oh Lord
, the One who could effortlessly send an arrow through seven trees! 
Maamunivaa!- The One whose mind is always with thoughts of His Devotees! My 
mind that longs to offer various fragrant flowers and garlands at Your Lotus 
feet, should fade like a
tender leaf (thaLir) immediately, the moment You don't think of me..(needu 
panmalar maalaiyittu ninniNaiyadi/thozhudhu yEtthum enmanam/ vaadanee 
niniayEl maram yeydha maamunivaa!)

6. Oh Lord of Thiruvaali, where Brahmins who learn Vedas from their 
ancestors and who teach to others too, since the time of creation; who 
perform Yaaghams; who perform SANDHYAAVANDHANAM WITHOUT FAIL; (AzhwAr says "
sandhi vELvi sada~nghu naanmaRai Odhi Odhuvitthu aadhiyaay varum 
aNdhaNaaLar....- So NEVER EVER LEAVE SANDHI!) With the desire in my mind to 
offer at Your Lotus Feet the most DIVINE FRAGRANT EIGHT KINDS OF FLOWERS, I 
pay my obeisance to You.  Into such a mind, You have entered on Your own and 

7. Oh Lord of Thiruvaali, where the male crabs lie down inside the Lotus 
flowers, which have grown in ponds underneath the shadows of huge punnai 
trees! Oh Greatest Sowlabhya Lord, who has reclined on the wavy Milky Ocean 
(PaaRkadal) and then have also entered into my lowly heart considering as a 
great pleasure for You!
what a Great Lord! The One who had done so good to me! I shall never ever 
leave You henceforth! (ulavar thiraikkadal paLLikoNdu vandhu un adiyEn manam 
pugundha * ap pulava puNNiyanE! Pughundhaayaip pOgalottEn!)

8.  Oh Lord of Thiruvaali, where the singing bees hug the SeNbhaga flowers 
and the jasmine flowers for drinking their honey; due to the heat arising 
out of such hugs with the flowers, they fondle those pollens of flowers!
The Conches are found everywhere in that big ThiruppaaRkadal,
(Milk Ocean) and the Thirukkadanmallai-  at these
two places You recline and have Your YOganithrA- and now You,
out of Your own free will and grace on me, have entered into my heart, will 
You ever go out? (Sanghu thanghu thanda~nkadal kadanmallai ut kidanthaay! * 
aruL purindhu i~nghu ennuL pughundhaay!  ini pOyinaal aRaiyO?)
(WoW! What a beautiful line!) Here aRaiyO? means will You go out?
Also means: If You go out, after You Yourself entering into my heart,
aRaiyO! aRai! - aRai vizhum.... This is my interpretation- please
forgive me, Lord of Thiruvaali Naadu and AzhwArE! ).

9. Vedas grant those reciters whatever they desire or ask for.. Those Vedas 
can be tasted and admired in its entirety only by rishis or sages. .  The 
births of such Rishis can only be told only by You, who is the
KaaraNan (Cause ) of all and everything! Oh Lord of Thiruvaali! The
One who can be known only by Vedas! The One who rules me , after
removing my sins and paapams! My swami! To me- the One who
utters Your Thousand Divine Names, who holds Your Lotus feet,
- To console my mind, as a gentle assuaging assurance, as the only
solace, You should bless me by uttering ONE WORD... (meymmai peru vaartthai 
vishNu chitthar kEttiruppaar- says ANDAL.. Peruvaartthai is Charama slOkam.. 
- Here AzhwAr says "You should tell me one word to me.. to console and 
encourage my mind.. like "Don't worry dear.. "Maa sucha:")
(Odi aayira naamamum paNindhu yEtthi nin adaindhERkku* oru poruL
Vedhiyaa! araiyaa! uraiyaay oru maaRRam enthaay!"- MaaRRam means: Word. 

10. Thiruvaali- where the bees hug each other and sing merrily in the
beautiful gardens- and in such a lovely place- the Lord is showing
Himself so gracefully most wonderfully. AzhwAr -Kaliyan whose
shoulders are like the mountains, have sung these ten on This Emperumaan of 
Thiruvaali Naadu. Those who read them understanding their meanings, will 

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadiagaLE SaraNam


Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan

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