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Jeans culture.. ?
Date: Tue May 18 1999 - 04:46:28 PDT

From: balaji venkateshan <>

" Now a days there is a great decline in ethics and ...
but i think  that married women belonging to sri vaishnava community wearing jeans pant is the biggest problem which needs to be tackled in a big way."

And here I thought millenianism and apocalyptic vision was a western or Judeo-Christian concept.

If "married women wearing jeans pant" is the biggest problem you can perceive, my friend, you live in a far better and happier world than most of us do. Congratulations!

And how do you prpose we tackle this dreadful symbol of moral decay that is to be abhorred ? Stringent legislation ?  A fatwa ? Groups of reverent Sri Vaishnava youths roaming the streets and arresting any "married women wearing jeans pant", that horrible "fons et origi mali" ? Shall we start our own Thondar Kulam Taliban ? Shall we also beat up men who don't wear 12 tirumaNs and panchakaccham ? Drag them to the nearest perumaaL kovil and perform forcible samaashrayanam ? And knock down the barbaric baba temples on the way ?  Obviously these horrible jeans-wearing people need help. They don't know that they are the problem.

Please do clarify, I am sure many of us most eager to hear you expound more brilliant ideas like this.

"namo bhagavate tasmai krishNaayaadbhuta karmaNe
***roopa naama vibhedena** jagatkreedati yo yatah:"

     - Sundar

PS :

Read that second line a few times, willya ?

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