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nAcciyAr tirumozhi VIII - viNNIla mElAppu 5

From: Kalyani Krishnamachari (
Date: Mon May 17 1999 - 18:24:56 PDT

SrI ANDAL samEta SrI rangamannAr tiruvaDigaLE SaraNam
             nAcciyAr tirumozhi VIII -  viNNIla mElAppu
      pASuram 8.5 (eighth tirumozhi - pAsuram 5 vAn koNDu )

vAn koNDu kiLarndu ezhunda mA-mugilgAL! vEnkaTattut
 tEn koNDa malar cidaRat tiraNDErip pozhivIrgAL!
Un koNDa vaLLUgirAl iraNiyanai uDal iDandAn
 tAn koNDa Sari-vaLaigaL tarumAgil cARRuminE

A. Translation (meaning) from SrImAn SaDagOpan's tamizh treatise:

In the next pASuram, ANDAL makes one more request with 
the clouds: "Oh clouds that spread all over the skies of 
tiruvE~nkaTam and rain profusely such that the fragrant 
flowers from the trees fall all over the ground!  Go 
and tell that Great Lord who tore apart hiraNyakaSipu 
to pieces with His strong and sharp nails about my 
viraha tApam if He has any intent of returning to me 
the bangles that He has stolen away from me because of 
my being separated from Him." 
These clouds rain only for the good of others.  Now 
ANDAL is asking them to convey her message to Him 
for her good.  When these clouds make the honey-laden 
flowers in the trees in tirumalai fall all over tiruvE~nkaTam, 
their main purpose is to do tiruma~njanam to the tirumalai 
which has been made holy by His standing there.
When He is all cooled down by the rains from these 
clouds, she is asking them to give her message to her vEnkatanAthan.

B. Additional thoughts from SrI PVP:

VAn kONDu kiLarndu ezhunda mEga~ngAL:  These clouds 
have occupied the whole sky as if they have 
swallowed the whole sky, without consideration that 
the sky is their place of living.  The sky is described 
as limitless, but these clouds have devoured the whole sky.   
vEnkaTattut tEn koNDa malar cidarat tiraNDErip pozhivIrgAL: 
ANDAL is asking the clouds:  "What is the use in 
knocking down all the honey-laden flowers with your 
heavy rains? You can make yourselves more useful by 
going as my messenger and uniting us.  It looks like 
a lot of you gather together and all you do is 
destroy all the flowers.  Stop doing this and make me 
who is like a garland and who is named the garland - 
godai, unite with my emperumAn".
Alternatively, SrI PVP offers the interpretation that 
godai is telling the clouds that just by knocking down 
these flowers for which she does not care much, they have 
not helped in fulfilling her real desire.  Like sItA 
pirATTi who could neither see the beautiful flowers, 
nor the fruits, nor the trees around her but could 
only think of rAma, she is also only interested in union with her Lord.

"naishA paSyati rAkshasya: nEmAn pushpa phaladrumAn
 ekastha hr*dayA nUnam rAmam evAnupaSyati"  -  (sundara kANDam 16-25)
(this pirATTi does not see the rAkshasi-s; she does 
not see these flowers or fruits or trees; with 
a concentrated mind, she sees only rAman- says hanumAn).
Then it appears that the vAn KoNDu kiLarndu ezhunda 
mega~ngAL are asking ANDAL:  "What exactly do you 
want us to do?"  She tells them what to do in the second half of the

iraNiyanai uDal iDandAn -  He destroyed hiraNyakaSipu, 
who was the father of prahlAda and as such normally 
the closest to his son.  But when this closest 
relative to prahlAda turned his enemy, bhagavAn 
became even closer to prahlAda and helped him.  When 
this was the case, can bhagavAn not come and help her 
when He Himself has become the enemy by refusing to 
reveal Himself to her.  This is the message she 
wants the clouds to carry to tiruvE~nkaTamuDaiyAn.
When He came and helped prahlAda, He took a form of 
half-man and half-lion which was totally inconsistent 
with His stature as the devAdi-devan, just to 
eliminate an enemy to someone else.  For helping 
ANDAL, He does not have to assume any such form that 
is inconsistent with His Greatness.  All she wants 
is for Him to come with His svarUpam intact.  If 
He could come and help a young boy, can't He come 
and help an equally young girl? 
Un koNDa vaLLugirAl iraNiyanai uDal iDandAn: Using 
the strong and sharp nails.  Unlike this in the 
case of prahlAda, He does not have to either transform 
Himself into this unnatural form of lion and man, 
nor destroy anyone with His own Hands.  It is 
enough if He lets ANDAL have her belonging that He has stolen away from

Sari vaLaigaL - This term can be interpreted in 
two ways.  Sari can mean "slipping", and so Sari 
vaLaigaL can refer to the bangles that are slipping 
away from her hands because she has become very 
lean because of her separation from Him.  It can 
also mean that ANDAL is so beautiful and slender 
that the bangles will keep slipping even when He 
comes.  Another interpretation is that Sari is an 
ornament, and vaLai is another ornament (bangles), 
and Sari vaLaigaL refer to two different ornaments.  
tarumAgil:  if He gives;   since godai uses the 
word 'Agil', it shows that she is doubting whether 
He will fulfill her wishes.  This is because He is 
sarvESvaran and hence sarva-svatantran; so, He may 
or may not comply with her wishes. Then, why send 
a messenger? Whether He comes or not, her desire doesn't leave her. 
SARRuminE:  Go and inform Him.   ANDAL wants to 
send Him the message about her desire whether He plans to 
comply with it or not.  The reference to Sari 
vaLai here is the desire to be united with Him.

C. Additional thoughts from SrI PBA: 
tEn koNDa malar Sidara:  godai is happy that the 
clouds are destroying the flowers which are torturing
her during this time of her viSlEsha kAlam; but, 
that is not enough; she wants the clouds to make these flowers 
her bOgap-poruL by facilitating her samsclEsham or union with emperumAn
SARRUminE: ANDAL is asking the clouds to let Him know 
her pathetic situation and  find out what His 
tiruvuLLam is;  if nothing else, she just wants the 
clouds to come back and let her know what His tiruvuLLam is.

D. Additional thoughts from SrI T.S. rAjagOpAlan: 
VaLaigaL tarumAgil: His giving her the bangles back 
just means that if He comes to godai, her health will 
pick up and the bangles will fit her well
"San~gu tan~gu mun kai nan~gai" - San~gu is vaLai - bangle.

sarvam SrIman nArAyaNAyEti samarpayAmi.
Kalyani Krishnamachari

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