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stotraratna contd. 21 thro' 24.

Date: Mon May 17 1999 - 07:05:20 PDT

Respected members,

The  Slokhas 21 thro'  24  of yaamunaacharyas stotraratna is as

slokha 21 :-

Namo namo vaan-manas'aati bhumaye
namo namo vaan-manas'aika-bhumaye;
namo namo'ananta-mahaavibhutaye
namo namo'ananta  day'aika sindhave.

Obeisance again and again to you who are beyond
the reach of speech and mind; obeisance again and
again to you who are the sole object of speech and mind;
obeisance again and again to you of infinite great  powers;
obeisance again and again to you, the one ocean of infinite

slokha 22 :-

Na dharma-nishtho'asmi na c'aatma vedi
na bhaktimaan tvaccaran'aaravinde;
akincano'ananya-gatih saranya!
tvat-paada-mulam saranam prapadye.

O you worthy of being sought as refuge! I am not one
established in Dharma, nor am i a knower of the self.
I have no fervent devotion to your lotus-feet. Utterly
destitute as I am, and having none else for resort, I
take refuge under your feet.

slokha 23 :-

Na ninditam karma tad asti loke
sahasraso yan na mayaa vyadhaayi;
so'aham vipaak'aavasare mukunda!
krandaami sampraty agatih tavaagre.

There is not a single despicable deed in the world which
has not been committed by me thousands  of times. O
Mukunda!  now, when those deeds are fructifying, I, the
very same person, am crying out helplessly before you.

slokha 24 :-

Nimajjato'ananta!  bhav' aarnavaantah
ciraaya me kulam iv'aasi labdhah;
tvay'aapi labdham bhagavan idaanim
anuttamam paatram idam dayaayaah.

O Ananta! I am getting drowned in the great ocean of
transmigratory  existence. At last in you I have found the
shore of that endless ocean, and you, O Lord! have obtained
now this worthiest recipient for your mercy.

Sri Krishnaarpanamasthu

Narayana dasan B.N.Suresh