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From: balaji venkateshan (
Date: Mon May 17 1999 - 02:30:24 PDT

Now a days there is a great decline in ethics and morality.according to
our sampradaya , a women has to wear madisaara podavai , during and
after marraige.but now a days married women are wearing salwar
kameez,maaxi , and the worst jeans pant.on seeing this my heart throbs.
   further people are busy watching star t.v day in and day out.gone
are the days when srila ramanuja charya was reverred.hardly there are a
few who realise that narayana is supreme.hardly there  are a few who
know ramanuja.
   in every street we find some baba temple or other.

but i think  that married women belonging to sri vaishnava community
wearing jeans pant is the biggest problem which needs to be tackled in
a big way.

cant we all explore some means to stop  this jeans culture ??

please reply.

hare krishna
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