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From: Krishnamachari (
Date: Sun May 16 1999 - 05:11:13 PDT

Regarding the discussion that has been taking place on Darwin vs. our
philosophy, I have read somewhere that the sequence of the ten principal
incarnations (matsya, kUrma, varAha, nr*simha, bhArgava rAma, rAma, bala
rAma, kr*shNa, and kalki) suggests some credibility to the concept of the
theory of evolution.   I did not notice any reference to this in the
discussion.  Granted that bhagavAn is not restricted by any of these
theories, and He can appear as whatever He chooses to whenever He chooses
to.  But if He did choose to assume these different forms over time in this
sequence, is there something that He is conveying to us by this?  Have any
of our AcArya-s commented on the significance of the sequence of the

I also read during these discussions that all species must have been
created at one time by Him, and therefore evolution is not supported
according to our philosophy.  Does this not limit bhagavAn viz. does this
not say that He is not free to decide when He creates what species?  Is it
not a fact  in real life that the stronger species overcomes the weaker
species every day, and is it not also true that man is constantly able to
successfully eliminate and destroy to extinction some species that bhagavAn
has introduced, and by the same token man is able to create (discover?)
species through test tube experiments.  I believe but for the strict
regulations, new species that were not known hitherto would have been
generated in the lab by now. 

I am sorry for sharing my layman's thoughts, but I believe that when
bhagavAn appeared as the antaryAmi in Darwin and made him postulate the
theory, His intent was not to mislead and deceivie us through dissemination
of false information.   I invite comments on the sequence of the
incarnations etc.

On a different topic, someone enquired whether there is access to an audio
recording of SrI vishNu sahsranAma through the net.  I am not aware of one.
 Please advise.

-dAsan kr*shNamAcAryan