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a brief introduction about myself

From: balaji venkateshan (
Date: Mon May 17 1999 - 02:18:38 PDT

srimate ranga ramanuja maha desigaya namah,

     I am v.balaji ,  working as  software  engineer  in 
l&t.though  born  in a strict vaisnava family , i was an atheist in the
beginning.when i was in plus2,a month before my final exams , i came
across an orthodox person , who convinced me that there is god.further
he convinced me that there is only one god  and that is narayana.this
coupled  with the strong influence of my parents prompted me to worship

    as a young person , i used to worship lord under compulsion from my
parents.but for the first time in my life our went inside  a temple.

     though initially my devotion was little , day by day it belief in sri sampradaya further strenghtened following my
regular meetings with is eight years since i am
an ardent follower  of ramanuja.for me lord krishna has become my life.

i always try to associate myself with srivaishnavas.
i have written a cople of articles in the monthly magazine sri
ranganatha paduka published by sri andavan ashram.

though lowliest of all mortals , i hope my  devotion to krishna will
increase day by day thru the grace of srimad andavan sri ranga ramanuja
maha desigan.

hare krishna.
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