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From: V.Srimahavishnu (
Date: Fri May 14 1999 - 22:35:04 PDT

> 3) If people can differentiate between an Iyer person and Iyengar person does it
> mean that if God comes in Kshatriya form or as an 'ayar kulatthinil ......'
> they wouldn't even care for him claiming/thinking how great their origin is and
> if HE is willing to help you feed you , you would just refuse saying that you
> can only eat when a Sri Vaishnavite cooks/helps.

        Dear Sri Ramudu,

                       You are totally mistaken. Whenever Lord
descends  to the earth  with an intention of propagating His tattva, He
invariably follows SrivaishNavam. For example, Lord SrIrAm worshipped Lord
ranganAtha. rAmAyaNam is nothing but SaraNAgati SAstram only.  Lord
SrIkrishNa preached bhakti and prapatti. There are many evidences to show
that both rAma and KrishNa were VaishNavas, from what They practised as
well as what They preached.
      Whenever Lord  comes to the earth, His bhaktas like PrahlAda will
always be able to recognise Him. Nobody will be bothered about His kulam.
In fact, all devotees of BhagavAn belong to one caste i.e; Tondarkulam or
prapanna kulam. Please recall what a few members have written earlier.
Anybody who believes that the Parabrahman SrImannArAyaNa is the Supreme
Personality of Godhead is a Sri VaishNava. Anybody Who does not believe so
is a non SV, though He has taken birth in a community called
"SriVaishnava". Lord knows that He is
the Parabrahman. So He is also a SV! Moreover, He is the Adiguru of the SV
disciplic succession. 
          As learnt from the list only, in many SV temples, Lord is
treated as a kshatriya (Son of VasudEva/ DaSaratha)  during ceremonies
like KalyANam. This is only to acknowledge that He has taken birth in so
and so family.
        Casteism and SrIvaishNavam have nothing to do with each other,
though SVm is not against VarNa vyavasthA. In the opinion of people like
SrI anandALwAn, people who question the paratvam of SrImannArAyaNa are "
"VEdabAhya"s ( do not fit into VEdic system) and "kudrushti"s (people
having bad vision-
who misinterpret SAstras to suit to their own thought processes). Such
people , though born in a very high family, are to be invariably
considered as the lowest of the low.