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ThiruveLLakkuLa Thiruppathi: Part 1

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Thu May 13 1999 - 19:43:34 PDT

Dear BhakthAs :

One of the 108 divya desams in ChOLa dEsam
is known as ANNan Koil or ThiruveLLakkuLam .
The presiding Lord's name here is SrinivAsan and 
the KshEthram is also known as Thenn Thiruppatthi 
just as ThiruviNNagar is known as DakshiNa Thiruppathi. 
The name of the Lord's consort is " PoovAr ThirumahaL "
or the Lady who sits on the beautiful lotus flower .

Kaliyan"s SaraNAgathi to MahA Lakshmi

Thirumangai AzhwAr visualized the consort of 
the Lord here on the Lord's chest and saluted Her 
in the spirit of Sri Sooktha r*k and performed 
saraNAgathi to the Lord through Her :

Padhma priyE Padmini Padma hasthE
  PadmAlayE Padma daLAyadhAkshi 
visva priyE VishNu manOnukulE
  tvath paada padmam mayi sannidhathsva

(Extended Meaning ): Oh MahA Lakshmi , who is very 
fond of the lotus flower! Oh supreme One holding that lotus
flower in Your hands ! Oh Mother seated on a golden
lotus ! Oh the most beautiful One with the eyes resembling
that of the enchanting petals of a tender lotus !
Oh parama KaaruNya mUrthy filled with dayA for 
one and all ! Oh auspicious Lady , who is tuned closely 
to the wishes of Your Lord ! Please place Your auspicious
lotus feet on my siras ! 

After performing SaraNAgathi to Her , Thirumangai
received Her anugraham and then approached the Lord
of this divya dEsam and addressed Him movingly as 
"ANNA " and begged Him to remove all the obstacles
that obstructed him unitl then to seek and gain 
the parama purushArtham of Moksham .

The special significance of this Divya dEsam

Thirumangai mannan had a special attachment to
this divya dEsam . His wife Kumudhavalli NaacchiyAr
was "born" here; She was instrumental in Thirumangai 
becoming a parama VaishNavan .In view of the vow 
he had taken to perform tadhiyArAdahnam for  
1,000 Sri VaishNavAs every day ( as his wedding vow )
for one year ,Kaliyan had to resort to day light robbery 
to raise funds for sustaining this kaimkaryam dear 
to his wife's heart . 

On a river bed near here , Kaliyan stalked the Divya 
Dampathis ( vEdu PaRi ), who came to redeem him 
and tried to rob them of their divyAbharaNams .
Our Lord , who arrived there to test and then bless 
Kaliyan was pleased with the intensity of 
His bhakthan and initiated him personally into His mUla
manthram and thereby sent Kaliyan into raptures .
The most grateful Kaliyan eulogized the Lord
of Sri Devi presiding at this divya dEsam in rememberance
through ten magnificient paasurams to record
his gratitude over the Lord's dayA .

Location of this divya dEsam and the Lord's sEvai here

This kshEthram is half mile from Thiru DevanAr thokai ,
seven mile south east of KaazhicchIrAma ViNNagaram and
seven miles due east of VaitthIsvaran Koil . It has one 
of the most beautiful PushkaraNis. Once upon a time , the flood
waters (VeLLam ) subsided and left behind a body of water
that took the permanent form of a sacred pushkaraNi leading
to the name of Thiru VeLLakkuLam " to this divya dEsam.On
the banks of this pushkaraNi , the Lord of this divya desam
stands with the lotus lady on His Vaksha sthalam as SrinivAsan
( PoovAr ThirumahaL pulliya Maarbhan ).He stands under
the shade of TattvOdhaka VimAnam and blesses SvEtha Raajan ,
Sri Rudhran , Kaliyan and us . 

The Echoes of Thirumalai and ThiruviNnagar Paasurams here

The saraNAgathi vaakyams used by Kaliyan at 
Thirumalai and ThiruviNNagar are echoed in 
the ten paasurams of ThiruveLLakkuLam . Here are 
three instances :

ThiruveLLakkuLam (1) and ThiruvEnkatam (2)

(A)TiNNAr mathiL soozh ThiruveLLakkuLatthuL(*) ,
aNNA ,adiyEn idaraik kaLayAyE (1)
***** ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

(A)SeppAr tiNNvarai soozh ThiruvEnata Maamalai(*) ,
yenn appA vanthadainthEn adiyEani aatkoNdaruLE (2)

(B)senthAmarai neer ThiruveLlakkulatthuL(*) 
YenthAi , adiyEn idaraik kaLayAyE (1)
*******   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 

(B)ThEnEy poompozhil soozh ThiruvEnkata maalai(*), 
Yen aanAi vanthadainthEn adiyEnai aatkoNdaruLE (2)
********* #####################################

ThiruveLlakkuLam(1) and ThiruviNnagar paasurams (2)
(A) sElAr vayal soozh ThiruveLlakkulatthuL(*) 
    MaalE, Yenn valvinai theertharuLAyE (1)

(A) sollAi ThirumArvA unakkAhi ThoNDu patta
    nallEnai , vinaikaL naliyAmai nampu NampI 
    MallA KudamADi MadhusoothananE , ulahil
    sella nallisayAi ThiruviNNagarAnE (2)

The intense mood of the AzhwAr is very much
the same at the three divya dEsams presided over
by Lord SrinivAsan. Identical words flow out of 
Kaliyan's lips at these three divya dEsams 
having Lord SrinivAsan as their presiding deity.

Progression of the Pilgrimage of Kaliyan

ThiruveLLakkuLam is one of the twelve ThirunAngUr 
divya dEsams . Kaliyan salutes the Lords of these
twelve KshEthrams close to his birthplace in the following
sequence and performs mangaLAsAsanam for them in his
Periya Thirumozhi(PTM ) :

1.ThiruvAli-Thirunagari : PTM-3.5,3.6 and 3.7 patthus

2.ThirunAngUr MaNimADakkOil: PTM-3.8

3.Sri Vaikuntha ViNNagaram: PTM-3.9

4.Thiru ArimEya ViNNagaram: PTM-3.10

5.Thiru DEvanAr Thokai: PTM-4.1

6.Thiru VaNN puruDOtthamam: PTM-4.2

7.ThirnAngUr Semponn seykOil: PTM-4.3

8.ThirunAngUr ThiruttheRRiampalam: PTM-4.4

9.ThirumaNikkUtam: PTM-4.5

10.ThirukkAvaLampADi: PTM-4.6


12.ThiruppArthan PaLLi: PTM-4.7

ParakAlan starts his mangalAsAsanam at 
ThiruvAli Thirunagari, which is very close
to his avathAra sthalam and concludes the salutations
at ThiruppArthan PaLLI .In this series of twelve 
ThirunAngUr Thiruppathis , ThiruveLLakkuLam takes
the 11th place . The Lords of the divya desams 
come together on the akshya thrithIyai day (?)
on Garuda Vaahanam and bless their dearest Bhakthan
in grateful appreciation .That Twelve Garuda sEvais
in one location is a blessed sight indeed to see .

We will study the ten paasurams of Kaliyan on
Lord SrinivAsan of ThiruveLLakkuLam in the next 

Kaliyan ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam,
Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan