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stotraratna contd. 17 thro' 20.

Date: Fri May 14 1999 - 06:35:02 PDT

Respected members,

The  Slokhas 17 thro'  20  of yaamunaacharyas stotraratna is as follows

slokha 17 :-

Yad andam andaantara-gocaram ca yad-
das'ottaraany'aavaranaani yaani ca ;
gunaah pradhaanam purusah param padam
paraat -param brahma ca te vibhutayah.

The cosmic sphere,all that is within it, its enclosures which are
more than ten, the three gunas, the prakriti, the individual self,
the supreme abode and the brahman(Divya mangala vigraha in the
present context) who is higher than the individual self - all these
are manifestations of your splendour.

slokha 18 :-

Vasi vadaanyo gunavaan rjuh sucih
mrdur dayaalur madhurah sthirah samah;
krti krtajnah tvam asi svabhaavatah
samasta kalyaana gun'aamrt'odadhih.

You are, by your own nature, submissive to the will of those that take
refuge in you, bountiful, graciously accommodating to the inferiors,
guileless and reliable,pure,tender,merciful,blissful,firm,free from all
self-regarding duties, ever mindful of the services of the devotees and
a nectar-ocean of all auspicious attributes.

slokha 19 :-

Upary upary abja-bhuv'opi purusaan
prakalpya te ye satam ity anukramaat;
giras tvad ekaika-gun'aavadh'ipsayaa
sadaa stithaa no'dyamato'atiserate

The eternal Vedic texts which are ever eager to find out the limit of
each of your attributes(beginning with Ananda) by describing in
ascending order the bliss of beings higher than the lotus-born brahma
himself with the words, 'one hundred such units of bliss' etc., do not,
spite of their incessant endeavour, go beyond the first attribute Ananda

itself, it being infinite and above all enumeration.

slokha 20 :-

Tvad aasritaanaam jagad-udbhava-sthiti
bhavanti lilaa vidhayas ca vaidikaah
tvadiya gambhira mano'anusaarinah.

The creation, sustentation and dissolution of the universe as also
release from transmigratory existence ,all of which constitute your
play, and the vedic injunctions, which are in accord with your
profound will - all these are for the benifit of those that take shelter

in you.

Sri krishnaarpanamasthu