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Aaraa amudhaay adiyEn aavi agamE thitthippaay!

From: Madhavkkannan, Vasudevan (
Date: Thu May 13 1999 - 20:20:06 PDT


SrimathE Ramanujaya Nama:

Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

Scorching heat- Intolerable summer- Terrific sultry weather;
Completely exhausted and sweating like a mad dog; Tired; Highly humid. 
When such is the climate (which is so presently in India), consider yourself
seeing a beautiful crystal clear lovely blue waters (not  at all salty);

Consider yourself first standing near the cool chill waters, watching 
the same with bliss, enjoying the beauty and embracing the breeze that
comes from it. How nice it would be especially when the day is so
hot and warm! 

You feel like entering into it simply by diving in! you don't know if
you are permitted to. Someone says.. Hmmm. you are free to jump in 
and enjoy...

you never get satisfied, you will never get satisfied.. you hug the waters
with both of your arms, try to drink too as much as possible.. you immerse 
your body completely having not even a hair on your head above the water
level... How sweet it would be! Now you are inside the waters.. 

Firstly, you were outside enjoying- then, you entered with more enjoyment;
subsequently, you hugged, tasted, waved and splashed.. Now you have been
eaten completely by the sweet waters.. You still enjoy and continue to enjoy

Now, having done that, don't you wish your children, your grand children
great- grand children should all be blessed with such anubhavam? Of course

All that you need to do is to contribute for the Thirukkudanthai

He is the Waters... He - The Araa amudhan- Insatiable nectar- The Lord of 
Thirukkudanthai- Emperumaan- is the Cool, Most compassionate waters that
will first enchant you, captivate you, invite you, hug you and pull you into
Him completely, leaving absolutely no semblance of satisfaction for you..
You will continue to keep enjoying Him.. you will never get exhausted or
bored... There is no "thigattudhal"... He is the never thigatthufying

Please contribute liberally for this kaimkaryam... Sri V Sadagopan,
Sri Sampath Rengarajan are appealing with great posts on this 
Emperumaan and the glory of this sthalam.. I got the permission to
post this series from Sri Sampath Rengi.

This Araa amudhan- (Just open your lips and enjoy uttering
yourself saying His name-Araa amudhaaa! How nice! How sweet! 

What a Tamil word! 

Amudham is Nectar- Amirtham- He is Araa amudhan- Insatible nectar

I got so much excited when I was reading NammAzhwAr's 5.8 yesterday
and wished to write this... No... No... It is only a beginning.. I am going 
to let you enter into this cool great waters of Araa amudhan again and again
reminding you of the kaimkaryam that you need to perform...

Araa amudhaay adiyEn aavi agamE Thitthippaay!

Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan