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Please clarify
Date: Thu May 13 1999 - 22:24:12 PDT

Hello All,

1) What are the three different Karmas?

2) Does everybody have to experience/expense  their Karma or will God relieve
all the three  Karma "`bondages`" if he likes?

3) If people can differentiate between an Iyer person and Iyengar person does it
mean that if God comes in Kshatriya form or as an 'ayar kulatthinil ......'
they wouldn't even care for him claiming/thinking how great their origin is and
if HE is willing to help you feed you , you would just refuse saying that you
can only eat when a Sri Vaishnavite cooks/helps.

4) What does it mean when somebody says Adiyen/Dasan? Does it mean with respect
to God or also with respect to all disciples? If it also means with respect to
disciples then one shouldn't see Iyer/Iyanger/kshatriya/sudra in somebody else
but one should always be able to perceive God in everbody.

5) Leave alone the four BKVS varnas that are existent; why are some people among
Sri Vaishnavites fighting among themselves by calling/claiming themselves as  so
called  Vadagalais and Tengalis

I am a little bit confused after going through stuff going across in this list.
Please clarify.