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Periya Thirumozhi 3.4- BrahmA's age is equal to one hair of Romasarishi..

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Date: Thu May 13 1999 - 01:34:55 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

AzhwAr declares in this ten (3.4) that if one goes to
SeeraamaviNNagaram Divya dEsam, and holds onto the
Lord there, all fruits will come to him.

This SreeraamaviNNagaram is present day Seergaazhi.
There is a railway station and it is just ½ km from the
Moolavar: Thrivikraman, UlagaLandha Thiruvuruvam
Uthsavar: Thrivikrama Narayanan
Thaayaar: Moolavar: Lokanayaki;
Thaayaar: Uthsavar: Mattavizh kuzhali (What a sweet name!)

VishEsham: PerumAL lifts His leg for measuring the
Universe. In this sthalam only, ThirumangaiAzhwAr won
in an argument with ThirugnAnasambhandhar (one of 63
naayanmaars), and received the victorious spear from him.
He also sang “kadiyuNda neduvaaLai” poem; The
Virudhu (title) “Naalu kavi perumAL” was conferred on AzhwAr.

When Brahma was proud of his long age, Romasamuni
said “Your age and my rOmam (hair) is equal” and humbled
Brahma in this sthalam.

Prathayaksham to AshtakONa maharishi. (why that name?)

Having enjoyed the greatness of the sthalam, let us now
enjoy AzhwAr’s pAsurams.

1. (This pAsuram refers to one two three.. till seven very
beautifully by AzhwAr). By taking an unparalleled Vaamana
avtaar, He measured the whole Universe in His two steps,
when he begged for three measures of earth from Mahabali,
and held him captive in PaathALa lOkam- Those who wish
to hug the Lotus feet of such Greatest His! Please reach the
sthlam SeeRaama viNNagaram, where there are always festivities
in the streets with the greatest (equal to the greatness of
Emperumaan) four Vedas, five yaaghams, and six Veda
a~nghams, (like vyAkaraNam, etc..), seven swarams… and hold
onto Him! Such greatest place is SeeraamaviNNagaram

2. In order to humble Brahma and reduce his pride of having long
age, the Lord executed His will through Romasa Rishi, the one well
versed with Vedas and saasthrAs, AchAra seelar. The Lord also
removed the sorrow of Sivan, who goes begging with the skull bone.
He is my Swami. Those who wish to join the Lotus Feet of my
Emperumaan! Please proceed to SeeraamaviNNagara, where
one sees everywhere, the honey flooded Lotus flowers in beautiful
ponds, the huge bulls run with tremendous strengths, and the pearls
are mistaken by the big Kurugu birds that they are their eggs. Such
a beautiful fertile land is this Divya Desam. (our four yugas is equal
to one day of Brahma; He lives for his 100 years- When that happens,
i.e. his 100 years get over, one hair from Romasa rishi’s body falls-
it is told) Such greatest place is SeeraamaviNNagaram

3. The peerless, limitless greatest huge Varaaha moorthy saved
the Earth by bringing it back on His horn from the deep troubled
waters during MahA PraLayam, and the unbounded, most
wonderful Lord who cut the shoulders of VaaNan, with His
ChakrAyudham- Those who wish to hold onto His Feet! Please
proceed to Seeraama viNNagaram, where the beautiful girls,
(when entering into the fertile fields for removing other plants
(“kaLai”), )mistake the “kuvaLai” flowers in the fields for their
eyes and the “Kumudham” flowers as their mouths come out without
actually doing so.. Such greatest place is SeeraamaviNNagaram

4. For the sake of soft cotton like tender footed Nappinnai PiraaTTi,
Emperumaan valorously fought with seven bulls and killed them;
This Lord, using His sharp nails, simply tore the strong chest of
HiraNyan- Those who wish to hug the lotus feet of such greatest
Lord! Please proceed to SeeraamaviNNagaram, the beauty of which
is when the twilight sets in and the darkness engulfs everywhere,
the pearls glitter lustrously and sheds light; the  Corals emit the
brightest rays like that of the Sun… Such greatest place is

5. This Emperumaan offered the enemy kings and their entire
kulam as an offering to His ancestors during His ParaurAma
avtaar- This Lord simply tore the mouth of Kesi asurA horse
and finished him; Those who are desirous of prostrating at the
Lotus Feet of such Greatest Emperumaan! Please proceed to
Seeraama viNNagaram, which is surrounded by most beautiful
fields, where young girls work whose mouths show the red lily
flowers, whose large sparkling eyes show the “kuvaLai” flowers
and whose faces show us the lotus flowers. Such greatest place
is SeeraamaviNNagaram

6. Lord Rama- who finished the life of angry red eyed, strong Vaali; who
killed Viraadhan, (who was always victorious, strong and had long
hands with strong weapons, who had cruel looking demonic eyes).
Those who long to join the Lotus feet of Rama! Please proceed to
SeeraamaviNNagaram, where the women sit on the top story of
huge tall buildings; whose narrow waist resemble that of “udukkai”
(in English….?) that makes inviting sound friendly; whose beautiful
bright faces make the moon cry with shame for having lost to them
with regard to the beauty… Such greatest place is SeeraamaviNNagaram

7. The strongest rAvaNan’s ten heads were simply thrown to the dust
like the bushes cut and thrown on the ground, due to the most valorous
Rama’s Hand that had the bow; Those who wish to be saved by
joining His Lotus Feet! Proceed to SeeraamaviNNagarm, where one can
see everywhere the pearls, and conches on the streets, that were brought in 
by the floods and entering onto the fields, storm water canals and thus into 
the streets…Such greatest place is SeeraamaviNNagaram.

8. With the long shoulders like bamboos, the large darting eyes like that of 
a beautiful deer, the words so sweet like the milk, SathyabhAmA PiraaTTi, 
the one who has honey flooded dark long tresses- and for the sake of Her, 
Emperumaan KaNNan brought the Paarijaatha tree from the gardens of Devas. 
Those who wish to join the lotus feet of such greatest Lord KaNNan!
All that you need to do is to proceed to SeeraamaviNNagaram, - where
due to squirrels jumping from tree to tree, the betel nuts fall down on the 
ground. Due to the fertility, the jack fruits become so big and hang down on 
the ground with their heavy weight. When they hit against each other, the 
fruits break and the juices (honey) drip from them… (adadaaa! What a Poet!) 
Such greatest place is SeeraamaviNNagaram.

9. Emperumaan Sriya: Pathi Sriman Narayanan is the One who keeps
who keeps Sivan in the right of His ThirumEni (Divine Body); the One
who created BrahmA from his navel, and let him reside there; One who
blissfully enjoys having Periya PiraaTTi (whose large dark beautiful eyes 
are like that of a blood stained sharp spear), residing in His Chest. Those 
who wish to join such Greatest Emperumaan’s Lotus feet! Please proceed to 
SeeraamaviNNagaram, where the beautiful bees hum and fly from flowers to 
flowers, join their mates, and drink honey from flowers.
They get tired and relax in those lotus flowers blooming in the ponds..
They roll down merrily inside the lotus flowers’ petals, and due to
great ecstasy sing happily.. Such greatest place is SeeraamaviNNagaram.

10. This Thirumozhi is about Emperumaan of SeeraamaviNNagaram, where
people (of great calibre like that of Brahma) reside.  The composer /
singer of this ten is the Chief of Thiruvaali; One who showers his grace on 
those who turn to him; One who tames those who have false pride; Lion 
towards his enemies; Master of Thirumangai; Yama to opponents; Holds the 
victorious spear; These ten of his is the quite enjoyable;Those who recite 
with meanings will live to be praised by one and all in this vast world.

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan

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