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stotraratna contd. 13 through 16.

Date: Thu May 13 1999 - 06:37:25 PDT

Respected members,

The  Slokhas 13 to 16 of yaamunaacharyas stotraratna is as follows :-

slokha  13 :-

vimocana mahistha-phala-pradaanaih;
ko'anyah prajaa-pasupati paripaati kasya
paad'odakena sa sivas sva-siro-dhrtena.

Who else saves prajapati and pasupati from adversities such as
deprival of the vedas, heavy guilt and harassment by demons, and
bestows upon them the greatest benefits? Who else except you can
make siva deserve to be called siva(the auspicious one) by merely
bearing on his head the water from your feet?.

slokha 14 :-

Kasy'odare hara-virinca mukhah prapancah
ko raksatim ajanista ca kasya naabheh;
kraantvaa nigirya punar udgirati tvad anyah
kah kena v'aisa paravaan iti sakya sankah.

In whose stomach does the universe headed by hara and virincha rest?
Who protects it? From whose navel has it sprung up? Who else but you,
striding over all, absorbs the universe and projects it again? And who
there that can, even as a matter of doubt, be said to exist as your

slokha 15 :-

Tvaam sila-rupa-caritaih parama-prakrsta-
sattvena saattvikatayaa prabalais ca saastraih;
prakhyaata-daiva-paramaartha-vidaam matais ca
n'aiv'aasura-prakrtayah prabhavanti boddhum.

Those of demoniac nature are not able to recognize you by your easily
accesible disposition, loveliness of form and divine deeds- by your
supremely excellent sattvic nature; by the scriptures authoritative on
account of their being sattvic in character, and by the precepts of the
famous knowers of the supreme truth.

slokkha 16 :-

sambhaavanam tava pari-bradhima-svabhaavam;
maaya-balena bhavat'aapi niguhya maanam
pasyanti kecid anisam tvad ananyabhaavaah.

Some, who are inseperably united with you in thought and feeling,
and realize your sovereign nature, which transcends considerations of
threefold limits(of time, space and causation) and of another one equal
superior to them and which by the power of Maya is kept mysterious by

With Regards