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discussions on darwin

From: sudarshan madabushi (
Date: Wed May 12 1999 - 23:01:18 PDT

Dear friends,
I couldn't help "overhearing" your interesting discussions on Darwin so 
please forgive me this stray comment from a "bystander".

(1)Darwin's "Origin of Species" is scientific theory; it is not scientific 
law.It is a neat theory dealing centrally with the evolution of species. It 
is not a full theory of causation. Please check this out with any biologist 
if you want to.

Vedic inquiry into causation should not be mistaken to be an inquiry into 
the origin and evolution of species. The two are as different as chalk is 
from cheese. There is a big difference between asking how did "milk turn 
into yoghurt overnight?" and asking "What is a cow? Why,how and wherefore 
does it yield milk?".

(2) Darwin deals principally with the physical/physiological evolution of 
species. There is very little light shed in the theory on the nature and 
evolution of psychic characteristics of species.

On both counts (1) and (2) above, Darwin's theory would be inadequate to be 
taken as a comprehensive account of Causation, Evolution and Purpose of 
creation. There is no question therefore of comparing it with the scope of 
Vedic inquiry into such matters. The scope of the Vedas are far, far, larger 
and far more sweeping in majesty to be compared with the specialized and 
scientific focus of Charles Darwin.

By all means do indulge in comparison of the two if it gives you 
intellectual stimulation. But beware of confusion if you venture to draw any 
valid conclusions from it.


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