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From: Vaidya Sundaram (
Date: Wed May 12 1999 - 10:17:55 PDT

 It is very important that nitya karmas are not forsaken for any reason.
Especially in the case of sandhya vandhanam, it is doubly important that we
make an effort to perform it with sincerity every day. THere is absolutely
no basis to set an age limitation on performing the sandhyA vandhanam. Nor
is there an age limitation to start doing it. THere are inumerable instances
where gAyathri has been mentioned as a "parO mantrah" the greatest among
mantras. She should be in our minds at all times. The important thing to
remember while doing the sandhya vandhanam is that we are doing to please
Sriman nArAyaNa, who is Lord Supreme and not for any other reason.
 The proper procedures for performing the sandhya vandhanam are not learnt
from a web site or book. The reason for this is that the proper
intonation/pronounciation for all the mantras is not to be learnt from a
book, but from some one who knows it well and can teach you verbally and can
also correct your mistakes. Please approach a nearby temple priest or some
such learned person to learn this.
 Having said this, I also suggest that you take a look at the following
site, which I believe has specific details. Please bear in mind, this is no
substitute for learning this from a Guru.

om namO bhagavate vAsudevAya.

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> Dear friends
> I had my upanayanam when i was 17 .Iam 20 now .I 've not been doing my
> sandhyavandhanam
> as most people say that there is no use doing sandhya vandhanam after one
> 16.Shall i
> start now or is it  too late?.Should i wear both the thiruman as well as
> srichoornam before doing sandhyavandhanam.
> Can anybody give me neccessary advice in this regard?.Is there any site
> about sandyavandhanam procedures?
> Srininivasa Dasan
> Narayan
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