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Re: Dealing with Darwin?

From: Vaidya Sundaram (
Date: Wed May 12 1999 - 09:55:03 PDT

 Sri Mani makes these excellent observations in his mail, only parts of
which I have quoted below. To further the same idea, i quote a similar
analogy which I have heard.
 To build a house you need stones, cement and water. Once built, the stones
and cement are seen but the water is no longer seen. Does this mean that
water is not needed for building the house? Can the house be built without
water? Obviously not. The existence of the house the way we see it, is
itself indicative of the entity water, which in effect, binds while itself
being unbound. Just the same, for the entire universe to exist, God is
essential. Any and all aspects of creation are His will. But He is not in
any way limited on bound by what we are able to observe or make sense of in
this world.

om namO bhagavate vAsudevAyA|

 Mani Varadarajan  on  Tuesday, May 11, 1999 wrote:

> In this vein, I would like to point out that just
> because a divine power is not mentioned by a scientist
> does not mean that that Divinity is irrelevant.
> As an illustrative example, take an automobile. We know
> that all things being equal, if we turn the key in
> the ignition, the car will start, and if we hit the
> gas pedal, the car goes forward.  This can be repeated
> with any functional car.
> Notice that I did not mention God anywhere in the previous
> paragraph. Does my omission of God's name mean that He is
> inoperative here? Does the fact that we do not invoke God or
> even mention God when discuss a car's mechanics mean that God
> plays no part in the process?
> No. God's sankalpa or will is necessary for anything to
> function in the universe.