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Re: Dealing with Darwin?

From: Jayanthi Raghavan (
Date: Tue May 11 1999 - 20:05:53 PDT

Shree Rama
    Mani, i understand what you are saying but simply put if we accept
darwin's theory then what happens is that God is not denied but the
history and stories that are told in the puranas, itihasas, vedas and
shastras are all proved wrong.  If darwin is accepted then, the
avatara's could not have happened because they happened before modern
man  existed which is about 100,000 years ago according to darwinian
theory.  Sriman Narayana is not denied but the avatharas are, rama no
longer would exist in a historical sense because he existed millions of
years ago, same goes for narasimha and all other avatharas except for
krishna.  Please don't get me wrong but i do think that this is a
suitable topic for this list because it deals with our faith and our
shastras.  Think about it, i am just a young adult of 19 yrs and there
are bound to be more people like me who are "educated" in the western
schools so are force fed the dogma of darwin.  The theory makes some
sense using intellectual means but so does the creation of the universe
in the vedas.  Similarly if you look at darwin's theory and accept it
then it was only100,000 years ago that the saving grace of Narayana came
to be, because before that we were all creatures who are more associated
with primates.  Therefore, we could not pray or worship or perform any
human karma.  It is only for these reasons that i think it is a relevant
issue.  I am pretty sure that there are some doctors and scientists on
this list who are familiar with this theory.  Could you please help us
out here?
shree rama