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Periya Thirumozhi 3.3- Singavuruvil varuvaan ChithrakoodatthuLLAnE!

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Tue May 11 1999 - 02:01:42 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

Those who were not blessed to enjoy the Lord’s avathaars
can now blissfully enjoy to their greatest level of
satisfaction at Thillai Chithra koodam- says ThirumangaiAzhwAr
in this ten. (3.3)

1.    Emperumaan- who went crawling as a child between the two
marudha trees making them fall, so charmingly- who killed
the two wrestlers ChaaNooran and Mushtikan- who killed
the horse , kesi, which came as if it learns to dance and walk
towards KaNNan (with a plot to kill Him)- who saved the
cowherd folk and the cattle from the heavy downpour
sent by indran- who simply allures and captivates all,
with His such most wonderful deeds- is here staying
permanently at Thillai Chithra koodam. It is full of lovely
gardens with lots of most fragrant flowers.

2.    This Most wonderful Child- what a way He drank the breast
milk – poisonous milk of the demon Poothanai! “This Lord-
is the Divine Consort of BhUmi PiraaTTi and is the Master
of Periya PiraaTTi (born from the Lotus Flower)” saying this
and praisng and offering flowers, the beautiful cowherd women
come flocking to this Lord, and He is here at Chithra kooda sthalam.

3.    All those ladies scold and say names about Him “This Lord
(lad) has stolen the Butter and eaten”- He stood with quivering
lips and large eyes with fear and full of waters – What a
Sowlabhyam! All over eight directions, people enjoyed
His standing with such a Sowlabhyam- such Greatest Child
KaNNan went crawling between the two huge marudha trees-
This Lord is praised by Brahma and other Devas uttering
thousands of His Divine names and singing about His
masculinity – Such Greatest Most wonderful Lord is here
at Chithra koodam .

4.     When KaNNan, went entering into the pond where the huge
venomous snake KaaLiyan lived, the large eyed beautiful girls
of aayar kulam wondered and apprehended as to what would
happen to the darling Child of theirs, “KaNNA! POgathEdaa! Vaa!
Come back!”. He, while they were watching with fear, entered into
the pond, tamed the snake by jumping on its many heads and
started dancing on each of its head. When the snake hissed
angrily with of its head, He stepped on that. What a KaaLinga
narthanam! Such most loveliest Lord is here at Chithra koodam.
(Sri Krishna Premi had said once in his upanyasam “Kutti KaNNan-
when he jumped on the heads of KaaLingan and started dancing,
the head having tasted the Lotus Feet of the Lord, boasted to
the other heads- All heads have started competing with each other
and one by one popped up. The Lord stepped on each one of them!)

5.   paruvak karumugil otthu muttudai maakadalotthu/
aruvith thiraL thigazhginRa aayiram ponmalai otthu/
        uruvak karungkuzhal aaycchi thiRatthina maalvidai seRRu/
theruvil thiLaitthu varuvaan chitthira koodatthuLLaanE

(Please read the Tamil pAsuram! Sweet words for His Beauty!)
He appears- like the rainy season, dark clouds,- like the dark
Blue ocean full of pearls, - like thousands of Golden mountains
seen together- Such Most Beautiful Lord- killed the seven huge
dark oxen for getting Nappinai PiraaTTi- Such Most wonderful
Lord – the One who played on the sands and in the streets with
Other cowherd boys- is now here at Chithra koodam.

6. When He, as Rama, aimed the arrow, the lankA was destroyed
completely. The Lord appears on the huge mountain like Divine
Garuda when the Vedic scholars praise Him saying “He lifted
the huge Govardhana giri to protect the cattle when it rained
heavily on them. Such Lord came so gloriously, is here at

7. Who can perform such valorous greatest deeds? The One so
Huge like a~njana mountain, the ferocious Kuvalayaapeetam
elephant was made to fall on the ground by our Emperumaan
who walked victoriously in the streets. His walk so gracefully
makes those long large eyed beautiful girls pay their obeisance
to Him with folded hands. This Lord who alleviates the thaapams
of Devas who come here to pay their obeisance, is at Chithra

8. The Lord appeared then and there from the pillar when HiraNyan
angrily yelled at Prahalada, and immediately finished him
(hiraNyan) off by tearing his chest with His sharp nails. That time,
He appeared with His huge massive shoulders glowing so
lustrous, His two eyes emanate fire balls, (due to anger on hiraNyan)
His form huge, His long sharp corner teeth glowing, His large wide
Mouth, - Thus he appeared as Lord Narasimhan. Such Greatest
Most wonderful Lord- Periya Periya perumAL- is here at Chithra

9.  (An excellent Tamizh again!)
karumugil pOlvadhOr mEni kaiyana vaazhiyum sangum/
peruviRal vaanavar soozha  yEzhu ulagum thozhudhu yEttha/
orumagaL aayar madandhai orutthi nilamagaL, maRRaith/
thirumagaLOdum varuvaan chitthira koodatthuL LaanE

enna azhaghu ko~nju Thamizh! Karumugil pOlvadhOr mEni-
the ThirumEni (Divine Body) like the dark clouds (whenever
I see the dark clouds, it reminds me of the dark hued Lord
Sriya:Pathi. Especially, when there’s lightning and thunder,
AndAL’s “Azhi pOl minni valampuri pOl ninRadhirndhu-)
He has the Conch and ChakrA in his hands. He shines so
gracefully, being worshipped and praised by Devas and in all
seven worlds. He, who comes along with the unparalleled
Nappinnai PiraaTTi, the limitless BhUmi PiraaTTi and the most
Compassionate Divine Periya PiraaTTi MahAlakshmi,
resides at Chithra Koodam

10.   This Lord of Thillai Chithrakoodam is the Chief of Nithyars.
About Him, ThirumangaiAzhwAr, who is the king of Thirumangai,
sang these ten pAsurams. He has the sharp spear in his hand
that can pierce through the body of enemies. Those who
read these ten, understanding these meanings, will be
completely cured of their sins.

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadiagLE SaraNam

Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan

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