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stotraratna contd.9 to 12

Date: Tue May 11 1999 - 06:59:45 PDT

Respected members,

Slokhas 9 to 12 of yaamunaacharyas stotraratna is as follows :-

slokha 9 :-
Kim c'aisa sakty atisayena na te'anukampyah
stota'aapi tu stuti krtena parisramena;
tatra sramas tu sulabho mama manda-buddheh
ity udyamo'ayam ucito mama c'aabja-netra!

Moreover, this psalmist deserves to be pitied by you,  not
for an excellence of poetical gifts, but for his great exertion
in praising you. And exertion for the purpose is quite natural
to me, who am dull-witted.  O lotus-eyed one! this toil of mine
is none the less meaningful,  for, i can rest on your gracious
compassion which will surely be excited by this task which is beyond
my capacity.

slokha 10 :-
N'aaveksase yadi tato bhuvanaany amuuni
n'aalam prabho! bhavitum eva kutah pravrttih ;
evam nisarga-suhrdi tvayi sarva-jantoh
svaamin na citram idam aasrita-vatsalatvam.

O Lord, if you do not cast your glance at these worlds, they cannot
have even the power to exist; much less can they have any further
development. It is not therefore strange that you, O Lord! who is
the natural friend of all creatures, cherishes those who have sought
shelter in you.

slokha 11 :-
naarayana! tvayi na mrsyati vaidikah kah;
brahmaa sivas satamakhah parama-svaraaditi
ete'api yasya mahim'aarnava-viprusas te.

O Naarayana! who is there among the learned adherents of the vedas
that do not acknowledge your intrinsic Godhood, endowed as you are
with unsurpassable excellences? For Brahma,siva,indra and the supreme
muktas are but drops in the ocean of your glory.

slokha 12 :-
Kas srih sriyah parama-satva-samaasrayah kah
kah pundarika-nayanah purusottamah kah;
visvam vicitra-cid-acit pra-vibhaaga vrttam.

Who else but you are the sole resting place of even
Lakshmi, the goddess of all prosperity and loveliness?
who but you can be the asylum of parama-sattva?.
who else is the lotus-eyed par excellence? who but you
are the supreme among the purushas? Who else is there
except you, in a subdivision of whose billionth part the
wonderfully differentiated universe is complete with its
two-fold division of jiva and prakriti.

with regards